YouTube Access Could Be Blocked in Russia from 3rd November


YouTube in Russia could be blocked starting on the 3-5th November

Nikolai Nikiforov, Communications Minister posted about it on his twitter.

@nnikiforov: @Gattarov @tvrain All jokes aside, because of this movie, the whole of YouTube could be completely blocked on Russian territory from the 3-5 of November onwards.

This is in relation to the the anti-Islamic film “Innocence of Muslims” appearance on Youtube, which was recognised as “extremist” by the General Attorney’s office of the Russian Federation. The start of November was not chosen coincidentally, on these dates the law on the “Register of Banned Sites” will come into effect, which was recently passed by the State Duma.

Google in turn has refused to completely remove the film from the video hosting site YouTube, however it has agreed to block the film from viewing in selected countries at the request of the authorities. At the moment, the film is inaccessible for viewing in Libya, India, Egypt and Malaysia. At the same time, access to YouTube is completely blocked in Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Links to the film are lacking, and a search is clogged up with “reviews” and parodies.

fergard: (responding to above)

Like … considering the General Attorney has already recognised this as extremist, I don’t really want to take part in spreading that sort of material, even if it is just a link …

navion: (responding to above)

I can’t get used to the idea that links to YouTube are against the law at all.


Yeah, the whole of YouTube is blocked, here’s an example

vvzvlad: (responding to above)

For anyone who hasn’t already followed the link – don’t. It’s another terribly clever guy with a RickRoll.


It’ll happen the same as with Borat … The film will be banned, but everyone that’s interested has seen it, and pass it around to one another.


The Streisand Effect comes into play


I didn’t know anything about [the film] before all this hysteria. However, as per usual, small-minded people have publicised that which they were fighting against.


At the moment, the film is inaccessible for viewing in Libya, India, Egypt and Malaysia.
Russia’s going to look great on that list.

foxnet: (responding to above)

You don’t understand at all. They care about us all. They want peace and well-being in the country!



Darkanzali: (responding to above)

Oh, I don’t think so. Everyone will grumble in blogs, go to protests, and that’ll be all, most likely.

vxsw: (responding to above)

On the contrary, in Egypt, they crossed the point of now return when they completely shutdown the net. And all bloggers understood that the only way to get it back was to go out on the street and fight to the end.

But just in case, it’s time to notify Anonymous, so that they can set up a demonstration attack on the 4th November, just in case.


Don’t forget to block VKontakte and so on …

By the way, the film is frankly trash and nonsense. Anybody could make something similar in their basement. And I didn’t see anything defaming Islam. Simple believers (of any religion) really love to take offence at anything and everything. It’s the main reason that they can justify their hatred and cruelty. I’m ashamed that people are still dying due to thousand-year-old fairy tales.

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