Bridge Stolen by 23-year-old Volgograd Resident on Parole


An inhabitant of the Volgograd Oblast has stolen a bridge

In the Mezhdurechenskiy region of the Volgograd Oblast, police have discovered the theft of a bridge over the river Nozma, the local Interior Ministry Headquarters press service report.

The police have begun searching for the missing river crossing after the head of the village of Frolovo’s administration reported its sale. On arriving at the scene, police discovered tractor tracks which lead to one of the buildings in the village. Parts of the demolished bridge and a welding tool lay near to the building.

“The suspect is a 23-year-old man formerly convicted of a similar crime, currently on parole. He dragged the bridge to his home with his personal tractor, and broke it down using the welding tool, and he was hoping to sell it for scrap metal in the future”, the police statement says.

Charges have been brought against the young man under part one of article 158 of the criminal codex of the Russian Federation, and he risks up to two years in prison.

It is not reported whether the bridge that the residents of the village used to access a spring will be rebuilt.

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Stealing rails and bridges to sell as scrap metal – what do these people have in their heads?!

Сергей Ковалев: (responding to above)

The man seriously loves his heavy metal, what’s the problem?

Леонид Котин: (responding to above)

Funny that he hasn’t sold his tractor for scrap metal.

Cyril Veakspey: (responding to above)

But then how the fuck would he get out of Rashka afterwards?

ok?Ok!: (responding to above)

He’ll find it difficult to get out of Rashka without bridges too.

Иван Иванов:

Why would you steal a bridge?

ok?Ok!: (responding to above)

Well, to start with, it’s pretty…

en normal bög kille:

Well, in normal countries the vast majority of 23-year-olds are studying in universities or work…

Piton Paa:

A country of kleptomaniacs

Cyril Veakspey:

A resident fucking stole a bridge and on a shitty tractor tried to get the fuck out of Rashka? Well, that’s just normal news, nothing new.

Evgeny Stepanovich:

Meanwhile in Russia…)

Андрей Кошеленко:

Great country – in order to survive, people even steal bridges! It’s time to legalise theft and tax it! But everyone already knows who is stealing and how much!!!

Максим Берсенев:

For a SIMILAR crime… ‘cking hell

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