Russia’s Largest Social Network Banned By Government

From Echo Moskvy:

The “VKontakte” social network has been placed on the list of banned sites

The resource is already banned in a number of regions.

The biggest social network in Russia has ended up on the “black list”. This decision was taken by Roskomnadzor without giving any reasons. Users from a number of regions immediately began reporting that “VKontakte” is unavailable. In particular, the resource has been blocked by the trans-Baikal provider “Baikal-TTK” and “TTK-Chita”. The site is also not working in St. Petersburg. [Note: by the time this article was published, access to VKontakte in St. Petersburg was available]

We recall that the new law on “black lists” of sites is aimed at protecting children from information that could cause harm to their health and development. Ordinarly, Roskomnadzor decides to put sites on the register that contain child pornography, notes. It would appear that the reason that VKontakte was added to the list was a photograph from the “Children’s fashion” group, in which a naked girl was shown in the shower.

More than 40 million people visit “VKontakte” every day.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Has construction begun on the “virtual iron curtain”?


What the fuck have they done? If they block the group, then 40 million disaffected youths will want to get to it.

gogowa78: (responding to above)

Wouldn’t that be a plus for the country?


The most interesting thing about this resource is that you can’t delete your account :) … I’ve tried and tried, but I couldn’t. :) Well, sod them …

aleksandr_gudkov: (responding to above)

What do you mean you can’t? There’s a “delete page” button. It’s very simple, click on that and you’ll just be left in the server’s database. But it’s like that on any site.


Quite right! The motherland is in danger! All “VKontakte” users should go via the FSB!

jаконя: (responding to above)

Yeah! And we should all have numbers on our chests!!!


I don’t use it myself, but the decision to block it is strange and clearly stupid.


It’s stupid, obviously. They’re trying to divide people, but in response, they’ll get a 40-million-strong army of young people, gung-ho and very unhappy with their enemy.

ragnit2008: (responding to above)

Nothing’s going to happen. In response, young people will go and drink beer on benches, and chat about how good VKontakte was.

from_gardar: (responding to above)

Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see.


If you need porn, you can get it without VK … !


It’s working at the moment …


Stop panicking, everything’s working.


It’s working because they’ve got three days to “remove the illegal content”. A few providers have jumped the gun.

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