Wikipedia Added to Great Firewall of Russia

From Echo Moskvy:

Internet Encyclopedia Wikipedia added to banned sites list

This was reported on the Russian version of the Encyclopedia’s Twitter account. They explained that Wikipedia had been added to the blacklist due to an article called “Smoking cannabis”.

The register of banned sites was launched in November last year, and resources that the authorities believe contain child pornography, or encourage drug use or suicide are added to it. The decision to ban sites is taken by Roskomnadzor, Rospotrebnadzor or the Federal Drug Control Service.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Have they gone completely mad???

vasyak: (responding to above)

On the contrary, reducing the number of independent sources of information is rational behaviour for them. And that’s what they’re doing.


Insanity’s getting worse. There’s not long left!


Well then they need to close all sites where you come across the word “drug” even once. They’ll close Echo down that way :))


I’ve just been on in Russian and in English, everything’s working fine???

zighem__: (responding to above)

It’s been added to the list, but it won’t be blocked immediately, it takes three days after it’s been added.


There we go, just leave one site for the Orthodox church and the Kremlin, the rest are just a hindrance for the authorities.


It’s as though smoking cannabis, child pornography, and promoting drugs or suicide is a bad thing.

oslik_ia51: (responding to above)

No, it’s probably quite good if you’re a 10-12 year old kid


Obviously, I read the article, and I became a drug addict.


Smoking cannabis is bad but the opium for the masses that goes by the name of the Russian Orthodox Church is very good.


Cannabis is just an excuse, they want to control everything. As though it’s protecting children. Fascists.


Nothing promotes cannabis smoking as much as the actions of the Russian government.


Let’s just ban everything and change our name to “The Northernmost Korea“.

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