Censors Block Access To LiveJournal Because of Navalny’s Blog

From Echo Moskvy:

LiveJournal was unblocked by Roskomnadzor afer the site’s administration deleted the blog of opposition politician Alexei Navalny

As the Roskomnadzor press secretary Vadim Ampelonsky said, not all operators are capable of blocking a single page, and so LiveJournal was completely blocked. I remember, Roskomnadzor found that activity on Navalny’s blog violates a court order placing the opposition politician under house arrest. It was reported earlier that the LiveJournal diary was being run by employees of the Fund to Fight Corruption and Navalny’s wife, Yulia.

Comments from Echo Moskvy: nicko_las:

Class! Now close down YouTube until they delete all clips of Navalny)))


Why are they so afraid of him?! It’s becoming unpleasant ))

warchoon: (responding to above)

How can you remain pleasant when you’re waving your genitalia at the whole world?


They’re not afraid of him, that’s why they deleted his blog! Do [they] not find that funny?


Bye-bye LJ, hi Facebook and Blogspot.


I think his blog is great. He’s only been blocked to Russian IPs. Proxies and corporate providers give you the miracle of access.


They’re afraid of the truth!


Nonsense, I was on his LJ just a minute ago… it’s all working, although I was using a proxy


Even Breivik has a computer with the internet in his room. Why are they depriving this man of all his links with the outside world?


More KGB propaganda. I’ve just visited on Chrome using the Frigate extension – Navalny’s blog is where it should be! You ad hominemites should go and bathe in your own shit! ))) LoL

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