Lenin Turned Into Romanian Medusa By Modern Artist

Monument to the former Soviet leader, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, converted into a work of art

From Bistraya Zhizn’:

Headless Lenin monument transformed into Hydra.

Modern art at times borders on blasphemy. Romanian artist Costin Ionice has “restored” a headless monument to the leader of the Soviet proletariat, and turned it into a sculpture called “Hydra”. This masterpiece can be found in Bucharest, on the old Lenin Square. Now, instead of Vladimir Ilyich’s [Lenin’s] head are snakes’ necks with decorative roses at the end. Incidentally, a copy of this monument, only the original [complete with the correct head] stands in front of Moscow State University on the Lenin Hills in Moscow.

Lenin turned into a Hydra

Comments from Bistraya Zhizn’:


What a monster :)

zinchenko_den: (responding to above)

Unusual occurence :)


Well, now that Lenin’s gone, the Romanians have begun to live.




What the fuck


This is fucking great!I shake the sculptor’s hand.


My parents were called to school because I asked whether Lenin was wrong in a history lesson. I can only imagine what would have happened if someone in our class had predicted this!

ngc4594: (responding to above)

I remember when I was about 5 or 6 asking my Mum “Did Lenin poo?”, and I got a nasty shock hearing her affirming it.


Witty. :-)


Snakes don’t have necks.

zinchenko_den: (responding to above)

In this case, they do!!!


I’m indifferent to politics on the whole, but the monument has just been mutilated. There’s no taste, style, or originality, the first thing that came into my mind was that it was cheap, and he’s blind, it would seem.


Incidentally, the monument is very much of its time. When they knocked the head off, they thought it was forever. But now, it is understood that heads grow back…

What do you think? Tasteful and meaningful? or just vandalism?

Written by Joe Innes

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  • Raminess

    I don’t think I could call it “Medusa”-like since it’s all roses, not snake heads. I mean, the statue had been headless for a while. Someone put roses in where the head used to be. Despite the creepy appearance, it’s still a seemingly benevolent gesture.

    At least, that’s how I view it from the sofa.

  • Dr Dust Cell

    That’s super awesome. I’d like to receive a statue-building treatment as well after I die, medusa head or no!

    Medusa doesn’t have snakes for a head though, she has snakes for hairs.

  • Я советский


  • I like it!

  • moldavidian

    Foarte bine!

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Creative! I personally like the design. The “head growing back” thing works well.

  • Eh

    This looks pretty fucking amazing actually