Ministry of Health: Don’t F*cking Drink And Drive!

A few muscovites have spotted a sign that has appeared in Moscow purporting to be posted from the Ministry of Health, warning against drink driving.

We’re tired of warning you. You’re f*cking pissing us off when you drink and drive.

From russos’s LiveJournal:

Ministry Of Health are Harsh

Driving a test car through Moscow at night (a Lexus GS 450h), I discovered this beautiful sign. Clearly, it’s someone’s own creation, but still, it’s much better than the boring social advertising that we normally see on our city streets. “If you drink, don’t get behind the wheel”. This is the standard slogan that appears on signs. I just don’t think it’s noticeable. It’s just more noise. But this one works quickly. Simple and effective.

We can talk for hours about zero ppm [ie: zero tolerance] – it’s evil and can only end up with traffic police enforcing it arbitrarily, but it seems that that’s the only way to do it for us, strictly “forbidden”. Otherwise that one glass of wine you’re allowed at dinner quickly turns into a bottle of vodka.

We're tired of warning you. You're f*cking pissing us off when you drink and drive.

While I was deciding where to go, I looked at the reactions of the occasional passers-by – almost all of them got out their mobile phones and started taking photos. […]

Comments from russos’s LiveJournal:


The 0.2 ppm that they’ve proposed doesn’t allow you anything – neither a glass of wine, nor a beer. If the limit was 0.5, then yeah, in principle you could. At 0.2, it’s just a rounding error.


This zero tolerance has been in force for three years already. Has it really helped?


I agree, the sign is cool.


This is ace.

mr_pr1: (responding to above)

I think it’s just someone’s done this on their own initiative


[…] With a zero tolerance policy, you’re drunk when you set off, because the body normally produces a few parts per million.
Drink a glass of beer, and get behind the wheel without worrying – that’s fine.
Drink a glass of beer, and know that you’re breaking the law anyway, you’ll add vodka, and drive in that state. That’s what we have, and it’s what you have.

Oh, by the way, it’s against the law to drive after drinking kvass or kefir.

nailedreaper: (responding to above)

“Drink a glass of beer, and get behind the wheel without worrying – that’s fine.”

No it isn’t.


So, who wants a fine for exceeding the limits?


Lexus advert detected!


Alcohol and cars – they don’t go well together.


Actually they’re right on the billboard. With our citizens, it’s clearly not possible to say it in decent, normal language.


Stupid, illiterate sign. And it’s clearly not the Ministry of Health’s doing.


This is a very effective social advert! =)))


I don’t believe it :) It’s someone’s guerilla creation

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