Netizens Reminisce Over Photos of Classic Car Rally

While many Russians, particularly younger, richer Russians, drive expensive Western cars, there are still a significant number of old Russian models on the roads. There are a few different manufacturers of Russian origin, but one of the most famous is Volga, a company that are still active today, owned by Daimler AG.

From ru_auto’s LiveJournal:

Today in Moscow, a Volga drivers’ rally was held

A shot of the Volgas with a few customisations

People admire the cars

Some cars were in better condition than others

The Volgas in the background

The Volgas parked up in Moscow

Comments from ru_auto’s LiveJournal:


My uncle has had one of these bangers parked on the street for 15 years. If you want it come and get it.


Fucking collectively-made mirrors, wheels, and other bells and whistles, never once actually moved.


Whatever you like, but the 24th Volga is fucking great.


Well done those who can be bothered to meet on a Sunday morning!


It’s a rally of moustaches and hats.


I would say that there aren’t enough matches and petrol. A car with more flaws is hard to imagine.


The Volga is a wonderful car – the emotion that it brought in its day was much stronger than the new cars now.


I had a 2410. My dad bought it in 89 for 16500 convertible roubles. Ah, the USSR. Happy times…

[Note: “convertible roubles” is a financial term distinguishing them from Soviet roubles, which due to the closed nature of the currency could only be spent in the Soviet Union.]


I like the painting of the roofs.

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