Children Have Nervous Breakdown After Stealing Sweets

Three children suffer nervous breakdowns following their detention as a result of attempting to steal sweets


Sweetie theft turns into a nervous breakdown for schoolchildren

In Moscow, three children (aged from 11-12 years old) were hospitalised with a nervous breakdown after they had tried to steal sweets from a supermarket. Interfax reported this on the 12th of October with a link to a source in the town’s medical community.

According to reports the sweetie incident occurred at a supermarket on Academic Pontryagin street in the south of the capital. In the attempt to steal the sweets, the school children were caught by the shop’s security. The security guard locked the children in a room on the supermarket premises until the arrival of their parents, who, he proposed, had to have an educational discussion with the children.

While the children were detained, one of the little thieves called his mother on the phone, and explained to her that he had been locked in at the shop with his friends. After talking with the child, the woman called the police to the shop, and then went to release the children.

The parents of the children who had been detained called the paramedics. The doctors diagnosed three of them (how many children in total tried to steal sweets is unknown) with a nervous breakdown, and referred them to the hospital. When they were discharged is unknown.

The police have been trying to recover pictures of the events that took place in the shop. Law enforcement agencies are going to investigate whether the supermarket security acted within the law. The retail outlet have so far declined to comment.

Comments from Форум:


Such vulnerable children. In my youth, we were shot at with salt pellets by an allotment caretaker.


Nervous breakdown, hah, they need to cut their hands off – that’d be a nervous breakdown.


In time, they’ll make great civil servants.

Нечестивый пес:

Young United Russia-ists are growing up. They also run straight to the hospital when they steal something.

Марципановый поросенок Анжелкин:

The security guard probably made them pray before the arrival of their parents. That’s where the nervous breakdown comes from. All nervous breakdowns today come as a result of prayer.

[email protected]_: (responding to above)

+1 )).

Note: this user is agreeing with the above post.


Under Stalin, there were no supermarkets – so no problems )).

Рекламный агент:

So, the 11-12 year olds learned that stealing is bad. They haven’t been told at school, or at home. And then surprise – they’re locked up! And mother dearest is also great – she calls out the police, convinced that the children haven’t done anything wrong.


So what did the security guard do wrong? By law, they have the right to detain criminals that they catch, they should just have rung the police, not the parents.


They will next time.

Written by Joe Innes

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  • Eh

    “Such vulnerable children. In my youth, we were shot at with salt pellets by an allotment caretaker.”

    Stealing candies is not as it used to be. Alas

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Hah, nervous breakdown due to detainment by srs bsns law enforcement. I found this kinda adorable, but a little disturbing too. Maybe I’m being over-sensitive for the children, but what if this traumatizes them?

    Though, it could be argued that it’d be a good lesson learned and they’ll never steal again.