Drug Dealer “Escapes” After Paying 4 Million Rouble Bribe

From Life News Online:

A drug dealer in Moscow paid a 4 million rouble fine to escape [Note: £80,000, 100,000€]

The head of police and the head of the investigative department of the Interior Ministry in South Butovo are being investigated in the escape of the criminal leader. One of them has already been fired.

After the crime boss, who was arrested for possession of 200 grams of heroin escaped from hospital, police specialists became interested in the two leaders of the department of the Interior Ministry for South Butovo, whose efforts resulted in the criminal being taken to hospital instead of jail.

Life News have found out that those under suspicion are the head of the investigation department, Natalia Alexeeva and police chief Valeriy Ponomarev. Their offices have been searched, and, Ponomarev’s flat has also been looked over.

“In Moscow, in May 2012, investigators were able to take action against a crime boss, a 58-year-old native of Baku, Robert Izmailov, who was wanted for theft in his youth, and so received a certain standing in the criminal underworld, and went over to the drug trade,” a police source told Life News. “The man was arrested carrying a little under 200 grams of heroin – a decent small scale shipment.”

Information from undercover operations were handed over to the investigation immediately after the arrest. Even at this stage, the cops who were worked on the case were surprised – the citizen was not charged for his actions under the “heavy” article 228.1 of the criminal code “preparation for sale” (up to 20 years’ imprisonment), but the “lighter” article 228 of the criminal code “possession of drugs” with a maximum penalty 10 years.

“According to this logic, the arrested man was going to use all of the drugs himself”, our source continues. “That’s more than two thousand individual doses!”

However, the crimelord was not even charged under this article. After being in custody for 48 hours under the 91st article of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the suspect was not taken to court despite what would seem to be common sense. The investigators did not even make an appropriate application to do so.

[Note: article 91 allows a suspect to be detained in order to continue an inquiry]

“Afterwards, the police “South Butovo”‘s department of the Interior Ministry justified their decision by the fact that the man who was arrested made a positive impression on them, and even helped the investigation a couple of times,” a police source told Life News.

Immediately after his arrest, Izmailov claimed he felt ill. They listened to what he was saying, and did not take the man to prison, but sent him to hospital, where he successfully escaped some time later.

“Now the internal affairs agency is investigating the policemen who had a hand in pushing through the detainee’s request to be hospitalised,” says our source. “According to information we have received, the price of this request was 4,000,000 roubles.”

The press service of the capital’s police have reported that the head of the investigation at the department of the Interior Ministry for South Butovo has been fired.

“Forces of the Investigation Department of the capital’s police force have undertaken checks to identify irregularities in the work of the investigators of the Interior Ministry department in “South Butovo,” the press service of the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior for Moscow told Life News. “As a result of these checks, the head of the investigative department for the “South Butovo” area, Natalia Alexeeva, has been fired. Her deputy testified to her dereliction of duty. The same disciplinary action has been taken against the detective who led the investigation immediately after the criminal’s escape.”

Police chief, Valeriy Ponomarev, 46, is still continuing to perform his duties. It is noteworthy that the police colonel had already come to the attention of specialists: before police recertification in 2011, the then head of the public security department of the police was found to be living in a 900 square metre mansion near Moscow, with columns and luxury staircases. At the time, it was reported that Ponomarev’s certification would not be extended.

“The results of the checks have been passed to the Investigative Committee of Russia for further action,” the press service of the capital’s Police told Life News. “Internal affairs are continuing work on this criminal case and are working closely with investigators.”

In addition, the press service added that the head of the headquarters of the Interior Ministry for Moscow, Anatoliy Yakunin has ordered an additional check on the heads at regional and district levels, which will result in reprimands and appropriate personnel decisions.

Comments from Life News Online:


During Beria‘s time, this comrade would not have lasted an hour in this world, because of this convict’s escape…

[Note: Beria was Stalin’s head of police]


As the media reported, Colonel Valeriy Ponomarev wasn’t re-certified in 2011, but that didn’t stop the then minister Nurgaliev increasing his responsibilities and making him head of police. If they had acted according to the law, this wouldn’t have happened. Turns out that after the so-called police reform, the only ones left are dishonest?! Sad.


The police in Russia are clearly for sale. On all levels, from the beat police to the heads of the Interior Ministry.


A severance package of 4 million? ))) Unique country…


It’s all well and good to fire people, but when are they going to go to jail?


There needs to be an inquiry into the pseudo-police workers who recertified these criminals! See, for the right amount of money, judges, prosecutors and detectives can still be recertified! That’s cutting a deal!


Bring back Beria, bring back the death penalty!!!


They don’t need to be fired, the need to sit on the bench where their accomplice ought to be sitting!!!


Ah, we’re still trying to pretend that the change of name (from militsia to politsia) changed anything in the system. The people are still the same, except their salary has gone up, so they “work” better.


I read the headline, and my first thought was – “why would anyone be surprised…”


You shouldn’t believe gossip, only facts. Why are people slinging mud at this man, if his involvement isn’t proven???


For some reason, recently, it’s just muck that’s being written about the police – if they do something good, it’s not interesting to read or something, people are just more interested in dirt and fights, that’s where all theses stories are from, both true and false, and incidentally, everyone takes bribes [ie: not just policemen].

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