Drunken American Sailors In Vladivostok Cost Captain His Job

From Korrespondent.net:

American Navy Commander relieved from duty because of drunken behaviour of his subordinates in Vladivostok

The commander of the American Navy missile destroyer Vandegrift Joseph Darlak was relieved of duty yesterday as he was not able to ensure that his subordinates behaved in an appropriate manner in Vladivostok in September 2012.

This is reported in a message on the US Navy’s website.

According to the message, the ship is currently in the middle of a seven month deployment, and the USS Vandegrift will be back in the US in November. At the moment, the command of the ship has been taken over by Captain Thomas Workman.

[Note: the US Navy website carries the name “Capt. H. Thomas Workman”.]

In addition, three officers have been relieved from duty for drunkenness and conduct unbecoming, as well as failure to follow the rules on shore leave, the executive officer, the chief engineer, and the operations officer.

It is being reported that the Vandegrift put in to Vladivostok on the 20th September. The stay lasted for two days.

Comments from Korrespondent.net:

Акакий Епифанович:

Strange. When a NATO ship comes to shore in Ukraine “some people” panic and go into hysterics. When NATO military forces walk around Vladivostok, that’s normal. It just shows what those Yank-lovers are like.

гражданин России: (responding to above)

You really don’t understand why Russia can allow NATO ships to sail up to her, but not up to you lot?

[Note: this comment suggests that the commenter believes the former commenter is a resident of Ukraine.]


Have I misunderstood something, or is Vladivostok not a Russian port, or did an American missile carrier, a NATO hawk, land in Mother Russia?
We urgently need to send the Crimean grandmas to set up the picket lines on the shore that protected the Crimea, the Americans are shafting the other side of Russia, and there’s no-one there to protect us.

Акакий Епифанович: (responding to above)

That’s what I didn’t understand. It turns out that Russians are all Yank-lovers. We’ve sold our motherland to the Yanks and now NATO boots are trampling the motherland.

Cельский Фелдшер:

A wave has come over Russia, vodka-bears-balalaika

Витек две ходки:

In Russia, even the Americans drink too much, it’s so depressing.

С прискорбием и некоторой озабоченностью:

The Americans only know how to get hammered. It’s hard to even imagine something like this on a Russian cruiser.

Поручик Ржевский:

Top secret biological weapons were used – Hard Sauce. The potential enemy threat was thus successfully neutralised.

Jambo Bwana:

Drunkenness is a contagious Russian disease

Саша из Раша:

I hope they’re not allowed out at any more ports

Доктор Хаос:

In the Russian army, would they heck have been relieved from duty??? As a maximum, they’d be chewed out.

гражданин России: (responding to above)

First of all, Russians wouldn’t notice that anyone was drunk. Because our people can hold their drink.

What do you think? A proportional, reasonable response? Or should he have been let off with a warning?

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