Gigantic Diamond Mine in Russia De-classified

From Echo Moskvy:

A large deposit of diamonds that are twice as hard as normal has been declassified in Russia

The deposit is located on the border of the Krasnoyarsk region and Yakutia in the area of a 100 kilometre meteorite crater created 35 million years ago. Soviet geologists discovered the super-hard diamonds back in the 1970s. The current demands of the economy have made these diamonds extremely popular due to their unusual properties. According to the director of the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, academic Nikolai Pokhilenko, we can already begin to talk about an upheaval of the whole diamond market. The publicised resources of super-hard diamonds exceed all of the world’s reserves by an order of magnitude.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


I wonder to whom these diamonds belong?

anarhiya: (responding to above)

To the Muscovites, of course )))

sergant51: (responding to above)

A thought’s come to mind. The genius director Menshov already foresaw this event in the film “What a mess!” I’m laughing remembering the film!

[Note: the basic principal of the film What a Mess! is that an unprecedentedly large diamond has been found in a mine in Yakutia.]

plan_putina: (responding to chymenik)

[They belong] to Putin, he buried them there. Now a state corporation will be set up to mine the deposits, and the billions of dollars allocated to it will be stolen along with the diamonds.

antony: (responding to above)

Now he can officially dig them out under the Russian zombie-channel cameras. He could even dive into the diamonds like Uncle Scrooge into gold coins.


Now America’s not so scary with its own gas reserves.


A good way to increase utility bills – diamonds are found, oil gets more expensive.


Well, you’ve got three guesses whose homeboy will get carte-blanche to mine these unique deposits? It certainly won’t be the Russian state.


The money the thieves are getting from gas and oil isn’t enough, they’ve gone after the diamonds. They’ve decided to leave future generations to extinction.


Are they technical or jewellery diamonds? Woman’s question… I suppose the picture [accompanying this article] is for illustration?


And what will the retired teachers and others out of work get from these diamonds? Yeah, we’ve got everything, only not happiness. )))


The diamonds will be sold, and the money will be used up on new palaces for Putin and new yachts for the oligarchs!


Even if we suppose for a second that it would be possible, then the question is with what can we mine it? There’s no such tool on the planet.

lenin2: (responding to above)

Don’t be so sure)) Apparently they’ve finally invented the necessary tools at Skolkovo, and that’s why they’ve decided to declassify …))

What do you think? Will this discovery benefit Russian people? Or will the diamonds cause a massive upheaval on the jewel market?

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