Girl ‘Killed’ By Russian Diplomat in Romania

A young girl crossing the road in Romania has caused consternation in the diplomatic community after a Russian diplomat crashed into her, and claimed diplomatic immunity, refusing to take tests to find out whether he was drink-driving. The girl died on the scene, but was revived by ambulance crews, who took her to a hospital, where she is in an induced coma in a grave state. The diplomat involved has now left Romania as he is no longer an employee of the Russian embassy, according to Romanian press.

From Echo Moskvy:

Romania calls on Moscow to try diplomat who knocked down student in Bucharest as soon as possible

In the country’s Parliament, they are pointing out that the Russian embassy has refused to revoke the diplomatic immunity of its staff. The incident happened this weekend. The Russian was driving a car that knocked down a 19-year-old girl at a crossing. The victim is now in intensive care in a critical. condition. As the diplomat still has his status, the Romanian authorities cannot try him.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


If the authorities were smart, they’d give him five years. Regardless of the number of points he’s got, but no, they won’t with one of their own.

kutalex: (responding to above)

That’s how it would be if they were smart. The smart people have all died out in this area. Putin doesn’t hang on to them. He needs people he can rely on.


Why isn’t it being reported that the diplomat could barely stand up. Either he was drunk, or he’d been taking drugs…


Romanians! You’re all so naive!!!


Just like Bond, Russian diplomats have a licence to kill.


Strength to the girl and her family, and the medical care that they need. The guilty man needs to be tried in accordance with the law.

garry__236: (responding to above)

Do you have the right to judge who’s guilty? There has been an investigation. Or are you like all of these Echo trolls, shouting out that he’s guilty because he’s a diplomat? You’re funny and stupid.


[Foreign Minister] Lavrov‘s version is that she threw herself under the car to meet the diplomat, marry him, steal Russia’s money and secretly send it back home.


Strange, in Russia we’re always knocking people over – it’s not allowed in Europe???


I feel sorry for the girl!

What do you think? Should Russia take away this man’s diplomatic immunity and allow Romanian courts to try him? Should he be tried in Russian courts? Should he not be tried at all?

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