Horror As Students Dissect A Pet Cat In Anatomy Class

A cat

PLEASE NOTE: readers may find some of the images in the source article disturbing. There is also a pixelated image at the bottom of this post to give context to comments.

From Life News Online:

College under investigation for killing cats in lessons

A teacher at the college required students to bring a cat to lesson, so that they could euthanise the animal and dissect it in a laboratory session.

Animal rights groups are calling for a criminal case to be opened into the practical anatomy lesson at the college in the Moscow area for animal abuse.

The scandal erupted at the agricultural college “Holmogorka” in Ivanovskoye village in the Volokolamsk Rayon: to show future veterinary assistants how to dissect a cat, the teacher instructed students to catch an innocent animal wandering the village’s streets.

“We received a complain from students who were forced to catch future victims for themselves”, says the president of the animal rights group “Vita”, Irina Novozhilova. “After the students refused to catch cats for the slaughter, the anatomy teacher asked the cloakroom assistant to do it.”

The employee of the college caught a cat on the street, and the anatomy teacher, Ekaterina Goryunova, started the practical class.

“Ekaterina Vladimirovna [Goryunova] tied the legs of the poor animal and then put him to sleep”, one of the 2nd year students says. “Then, she invited everyone to take part in the process of cutting it up… I felt sick, I nearly passed out.”

The students divided themselves into two camps while the cat was being killed – those who couldn’t watch what was happening, and those who stared on with interest, and photographed the victim.”

Despite the fact that the college refuted all allegations of animal euthanasia on the phone to Life News journalists, on arrival, the film crew were given an invoice purporting to be from a cat owner. Admittedly, without a signature…

“We have an invoice from a lady, who asked for her cat to be put down due to urinary problems”, said the deputy director for academic affairs Ekaterina Buchareva. “It is practical training”.

No contact details or any other information about the woman was given to the journalists. At the college, it was reported that the cat’s owner had a heart attack when she learned about it investigation by the investigative committee. The teacher herself does not believe anything serious happened.

“Yes, I teach students of 15-16 years. They have to practise somehow”, said the teacher Ekaterina Goryunova. “They don’t teach them anything in university.”

However, animal rights groups have already submitted a request to the investigative committee asking them to open a criminal case for animal cruelty. If the evidence proves the teacher to be guilty for organising this exhibition, she risks 6 months imprisonment.

Students pose with the dissected cat

Comments from Life News Online:

брат Луи:

Killing a cat is serious negative karma for the people in this article. The fate of these two-legged beings is troubling for the future. The so-called “teacher” will lose her children, she will be thrown out on the road, and will freeze on the street with a cracked skull.
The lovely bitches – some of them will become barren and drunkards, some will slaughter their own children, or will be hit by cars and become “vegetables” in wheelchairs, and some will simply break down from an unknown illness. Those who passed out during this “experiment” have a chance to live.
The countdown has begun.


Euthanise the teacher and dissect her.


From these will grow heartless sadists in lab coats. The damage they cause is no less than an inexperienced vet.


It is necessary to study using real animals, but only using those that have already been euthanised for untreatable diseases, and not like this! I spent a year treating my cat for an incurable disease, and buried her properly, but this idiots are grinning at the corpse… especially the fat girl gives off the impression that cutting up a cat is probably the only joy in her life.


Burn in hell you soulless creatures. Would that you were dissected, and your insides were photographed.


God, how are they still smiling?
This chubby bitch is so glad, the other is grinning modestly, but the third is pretty much showing all of her teeth, laughing joyfully.
Horrible, horrible… degenerates.


I have no words. How could you? The teacher needs to be punished!!! Pig!


Our Russian population have a new hobby – killing the most defenceless. What is it – passion for killing or individual inferiority complexes looking for a way out? In any case, it’s messed up.


She risks 6 months imprisonment??? What the hell??!! This is a mockery and hellish torment!!! The kids are brutal beasts!!! I don’t understand, do they have no feelings or respect??!!! Why did their parents bother bringing them up??!!


Not humans. Fascists.


The cat is clearly groomed, so it’s someone’s house pet… On the other hand, without practice, future vets can’t heal our animals.

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