Kremlin Respond To Rumours About Putin’s Ill-Health

After cancelling his live phone-in and all international trips until December, there has been a lot of speculation about the health of Vladimir Putin. While the Kremlin initially denied all rumours of ill health, the online community soon identified that he has a bad back, and it is believed by many that his recent excursion in a hang-glider caused this injury. The Kremlin eventually confessed that the president is suffering with a bad back, but contend that it is a sports injury that existed long before any hang-gliding.


Peskov has denied that cranes are involved in Putin’s injury, and has denied changes to his work schedule

On the first of November, the president of Russia’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, commenting on media reports of Vladimir Putin’s worsening health, has confirmed that the president has an “old sports injury”, but denied that this is affecting his work in any way.

Earlier, information had appeared in the press that after his hang-glider flight with a flock of cranes, Putin ran into problems due to an old spinal injury. For this reason, it appeared that the president had to change his working schedule and put off a number of foreign visits.

“Nothing worsened as a result of the flight with the cranes in Siberia. There was certainly an old injury, we even spoke about this in Vladivostok. It’s not old, it’s just a normal sports injury, from when Vladimir Putin pulled a muscle. And when we were in Vladivostok, we absolutely did not hide it. The rest of the media’s speculation does not correspond with reality”, said the president’s press secretary in an interview with Kommersant FM.

Peskov said about reports that Vladimir Putin has been leaving his Novo-Ogarevo residence much less frequently that the president does not want to bother motorists once again with the stringent security measures that need to be taken for a motorcade.

“He rarely goes to the Kremlin, first of all, because of the transport situation in Moscow, so that he doesn’t contribute to traffic problems in the capital. Second, on his schedule at the moment there are just no ceremonial events that require his presence at the Kremlin from a protocol point of view. As soon as there are any events which are linked with ceremony, protocol and so on, then Putin will go to the Kremlin. Without any sort of additional requirements, he prefers to work at Ogarevo, so that the motorists of Moscow are not additionally bothered unnecessarily”, Peskov finished.

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Yeah, better he retire or something than bother Russians any more.

Невский: (responding to above)


[Note: expressing agreement]


Recluse at Ogarevo

галина козьмина:

“…from when Vladimir Putin pulled a muscle…”
And these are the consequences?


The Kremlin is strongly denying rumours that the head-crane has fallen ill, but the people hope for the best.


Peskov is always denying something..
If they told him that his surname was Peskov, he’d still deny it…

Хитрый Вован:

Yeah, but who’s going to believe him.


Why have they still not built a helipad on the Kremlin? Let him fly as much as he wants and not make people angry any more.

moyaoborona: (responding to above)

He’s used to hang-gliding.


This is absolutely some kind of ulterior motive. Peskov’s denied so much that has later turned out to be true that his denials might as well be taken as a confirmation.


Turns out botox has side effects on the spine! I didn’t know. That’s what the desire to rule brings you!


Get well soon, Vladimir Vladimirovich!

[Note: polite form of address for Putin]

DIK: (responding to above)

You don’t get better from old age.

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