Moscow Thieves Make off with Herb Delivery


Half a million roubles’ worth of dill and parsley [£10,000, 12,500€] stolen in Moscow

In Moscow, a load of dill, parsley, and coriander worth half a million roubles [£10,000, 12,500€] has been stolen. This has been reported by Interfax on the 28th December with a link to the municipal Ministry for the Interior headquarters.

The attack was carried out early in the morning on the 26th December. Four unknown men of Caucasian origin approached a refrigerated goods lorry around 21 Warsaw Chaussée.

The driver, a 54-year-old citizen of Azerbaijan, was threatened at gunpoint, and the criminals took his keys and the documents for the vehicle, which contained 560 boxes of herbs. After that, they threw the driver out and drove off.

Comments from Форум:

призрак путинизма:

You can’t say the nationality, but you can say what ethnic origin they are! :)
Nice one Lenta, you got out of that one!

[Note: it is illegal for the Russian media to indicate the nationality of a criminal]


This is just a joke.
Hey man, what you carrying?
Oooo gimme the keys, I’m outta here… :))


“Four unknown men of Caucasian origin…”
No, no, it’s all fine, no-one’s stirring anything.

Чеченец: (responding to above)

Men “of Caucasian origin” robbed a man “of Caucasian origin”… there are no Russians [in this story], and that’s good.

Shaun: (responding to above)

Well, appearances can be deceiving! That the driver was Azeri is clear. But the attackers? Maybe they were Albanian? Or Romanian?


Why earn an honest living when you can be more successful robbing? That’s the point of the law


Moldovia is panicking

Defender of the Crown:

Drug dealers!!!

Свет@лана_: (responding to above)

Not Onishchenko then?

стабильная стабильность:

– What are you carrying?
– Herbs
– Smack, crack, bzzzz

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