Move To Ban Energy Drinks Draws Criticism From Netizens

From Echo Moskvy:

Use of energy drinks in Russia may be restricted

Adults would be forbidden from drinking them in public places, and teenagers would be forbidden everywhere. Moskovsky Komsomolets reports this today. Members of all political parties are ready to support a ban of this sort. It’s true that the government are currently against it. Some experts consider that so-called “energy drinks” are a serious health risk.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Hurray for bans!!! What’s next?

barsuchok: (responding to above)

Next bans in line will be organic coffee and strong tea.

lemming (Клим Бутунин):

High time… they’re all just bloody poison, blin… they’re banned everywhere else in the world.

l1488: (responding to above)

Not everywhere, the Yanks have the same problem with alcoholic energy drinks, particularly amongst those with below average incomes.

eshslabs: (responding to above)

However, SOLVING the problem is only possible by increasing people’s INTELLIGENCE and LEISURE FACILITIES…


We need to ban thinking, then we won’t need a Duma. From that, we can get rid of the deficit and the health of the nation will improve.


Obviously, the MPs haven’t had any money from the producers for some time.

lemming (Клим Бутунин): (responding to above)

So it’s all OK with you that young people are poisoning and killing their bodies with this infection?

pinokue2012: (responding to above)

I’m young myself, and I’ve chosen my poison, MPs would be better off making laws about pensioners, healthcare and education, or fighting corruption than extorting money from Coca-Cola and so on.


We need to ban kefir urgently as well!!!


We need to ban bans!!! Don’t stop Duma, there’s so much more to ban, and you don’t even need to think about it! That’s your job!!!


I don’t get it: you can buy them, but not use them?

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