MPs Suggest Life Imprisonment For Drink Drivers

From Echo Moskvy:

MPs suggest life imprisonment for drink driving

They hope that a strict penalty will bring an end to tragedy on the roads, such as the events in Moscow on Saturday.

As one of the proponents of the bill, United Russia‘s Shamsail Saraliev, explained to the radio station “Echo Moskvy”, the statistics inexorably prove that drunk drivers are more dangerous than terrorists.

Saraliev added that work on the bill began long ago, and the sad figures in the statistics show us the immediate necessity for an early imposition of a strict penalty. In the nine months of this year, drink drivers have already killed more people than in the whole of last year.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Now our traffic police and our courts will begin to sentence all those that they don’t like, or who won’t give them bribes. I wonder now what it will cost now to drive when tipsy?


0% BAC + life imprisonment = any driver sent to live permanently in Siberia

[Note: a euphemism for being sent to prison]

lvovjanin: (responding to above)

Here it is, the Niemöller principle in action. As 0% blood alcohol doesn’t exist (because that’s how nature has made us), after this bill is passed, it’s not just Khodorovsky who can be imprisoned for life, but any driver in general.

But it’s fairly straight forward: after the terrorist attack in Beslan, after the abolition of elections of governors, after serious road accidents – everyone goes to jail.

sborisych: (replying to publisher)

Inflation, my friend … and don’t forget that they get very, very little …


And why not ban cars? Or the consumption of alcohol in general? Moreover, it calls into question the legitimacy of the State Duma when they sculpt these ever more idiotic legal initiatives. I’m for an early election!


It’s clearly written in the constitution: citizens have the right to own and use private property. Down with the unconstitutional highway code and other laws restricting freedom. )))


Well, the fact that they’re [ie: MPs] not all quite right in the head isn’t news…


Monday is a tough day. The MPs are once again dealing with hangovers.


Long overdue. If there are victims while you’re intoxicated, you get 25 or life. Let them think about the consequences before getting behind the wheel, if, of course, they have something to think with. And increase the fines! That’s what needs to be done with the justice system, so it’s by law, rather than “by understanding”.

[Note: “by understanding” is a common Russian phrase that essentially means via bribery, corruption, and connections”]


Drunk a bottle of beer in the evening, the next morning, get behind the wheel, 0.001%. And life in prison? You’re dreaming ))) . It’s clearly aggravation…

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