Nationalists Raid Moscow Gay Club, Attack Party-Goers

From Life News Online:

Nationalists destroyed gay club in Moscow

About twenty young people stormed into the 7freedays nightclub in the centre of the capital, and attacked the customers.

Visitors to the club in the capital, which is oriented towards those with diverse sexual preferences, became the victims of aggressive nationalists, who stormed into the venue and started to seriously beat people.

According to witnesses, the uninvited guests didn’t even bother themselves with threats and immediately started using their fists.

“It was young people in dark clothes, many of them had shaved heads”, the police have said. “Many people have been affected”.

One of the venue’s visitors turned to the Sklifosovsky. According to the young man, he was attacked with acid. With burns to his eyes, the doctors sent the boy to a specialist eye clinic.

“There were about 80 of us, and we were having a party”, Life News was told by an activist from the “Rainbow Association” movement, Pavel Somburov. “Suddently, about 20 masked men ran into the room shouting ‘Did you order a fight?!’. they turned over tables and beat the visitors. Lots of us were injured. Then, on the orders of one of the attackers, they left suddenly. The police arrived on the scene only after half an hour.”

The attack lasted 5-6 minutes. That the attack was planned beforehand and carefully prepared was shown by the fact that at the party there were two suspicious young men at the party.

“The guys stood by the DJ’s booth in greasy suits and five minutes before the attack left quickly,” says the organiser and leader of the party Iven Batler. “They attracted attention immediately because they were different to the other guests of the club”.

Bar worker Yulia is still in shock from the events. The bandits held her at gunpoint so that the girl didn’t call the police.

“About 20 men in medical masks broke in and began to vandalise the club, some of our guests were hurt”, the girl told Life News’s correspondent. “The whole time, a man stood next to me with a pistol deliberately so that I could call anyone and tell them about what was happening.”

A similar attack occurred yesterday at that “Charm” club on Dubininskoy street, according to the victims.

“At around 22.30, calls from citizens started to come in to the duty police”, the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow commented. “Callers reported that some aggressive people had gone into the club. Then a fight broke out. Now, police officers are working at the site, taking statements from the victims.”

The most seriously injured were three members of the gay community:

Marina Yuryevna Chigvarova, 28
Konstantin Borisovich Bakanov, 27
Alexandra Alexandrovna Yudina, 27

Comments from Life News Online:


I completely endorse this incident. Burn in hell you filthy queers.

[Note: at the time of translation, this was the most highly recommended comment on the story]


They did right, to break in, I’m very happy, it means that there are still decent people in the country – more than I thought. Тhose with diverse sexual preferences are not naturally diverse, it’s a life choice, like a fashion trend, and that sort of person needs not only to be beaten up, but cut out, like a boil. It’s interesting that lesbians and gays suddenly appeared in the 21st century, and before that, everyone had traditional sexual orientations.


They did the right thing.

We don’t need roosters.


Wish there were a bit more of this sort of news


Well, finally! Nice one guys, I wish there were more of these raids on the fags, to scare them into hiding in the cellar.
Children grow up afraid of two things, being around addicts or fags.


In the USSR, they would have gone straight to jail!! But now, they’ve got clubs, parades, blin. Society’s completely corrupt. God made a man a man! And these that are going against God’s will are campaigning to join the queue to hell.


Quite right… they’ve gotten quite brazen with their parties and gay parades, let them sit quietly with their orientation… Personally, I don’t like to see or hear about it… we have a different mentality, let that lot go and live on one island so that they don’t spread their dirt and serious diseases…


For some reason, I’m not sorry for the fags.


What an interesting and controversial country we have. They beat the gays, and call themselves nationalists. Is that not a paradox? Judging by the number that come to Moscow, that’s all these clowns are capable of.


Nazis only beat gays and women, they’re cowards and retards. Pretending to be strong.

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