Netizens Disgusted After Radio Show Mocks Cystic Fibrosis

From Life News Online:

Stillavin’s show accused of insulting disabled people

Leading radio show “Lighthouse” insulted those with sever congenital diseases, giving them a real “trolling” live on air.

After the broadcast of the section of the morning show “Programme P” called “Sores” on the “Lighthouse” radio station, residents of ten regions of the country are demanding a public apology, and are preparing a statement to the court about the way conversation made a mockery of terminal illness.

Members of the countrywide charity organisation “Help to CF patients” have already sent a letter to Roscomnadzor [Note: the relevant regulatory body] and are currently preparing a law suit. They are also being supported by the Russian Centre for Cystic Fibrosis, based at the children’s hospital H. F. Filatova.

The charity workers are demanding that “Lighthouse” refute the distorted facts [that were transmitted], and also that they invite leading specialists on the disease and representatives of charities that offer help to sufferers to speak on air.

From those who led the programme, Viktoria Kolosova, Alexei Veselkin and Doctor David, they expect a personal apology and recognition of their inappropriate behaviour on air. The creator of the morning show, Sergei Stillavin, was not on air on that day.

“‘Lighthouse’ conducted a discussion of the disease, treatment, and the physiology of people with cystic fibrosis in violation of the laws of human ethics, in an insulting manner. We consider the disrespect shown in the style of ‘dark humour’ that was used about the lives of patients who have to fight every day for their quality of life and its duration an affront to every patient and their families. A man named as a doctor on air spewed out unverified facts about the disease, false information about the status of patients, which has misled listeners”, Oksana Prikhodko, Deputy Chairman of “Help to CF patients” told Life News.

The wave of indignation has already reached the management of the station, but at the moment, no comment has been obtained from them.

Comments from Life News Online:

Михаил Зубков:

What are these people doing on the radio? Amoral b******s. There are no words. I didn’t expect this from Lighthouse.


Disgusting. I figured that nothing like this could happen on Lighthouse. On the wone hand, I don’t want to wish anything bad on them, but on the other hand, if they had to find out the hard way, they would have tears welling up as they talked about this awful disease.


There are no words… if it were their families that were affected by this grief, would they still have mocked them… maybe they can discuss oncology as well! That’s very funny too…


Absolute PIGS!!! The radio station should be heavily fined, and these “great minds” should be taken off the air.


I’m really sorry for people who tried to get some element of truth from this programme – find out about new research, but only heard Kolosova and co’s uncouth incessant screeching. It’s not a radio programme, it’s an orgy. A lack of professionalism and disrespect to the audience mark out this group of so-called “journalists”. Lighthouse’s morning show audience has decreased – by me, at least.


Drive these “entertainers” out of work!!! Outrageously unprofessional conduct. Take the jokers to court!


When they fall ill themselves, we’ll laugh, because everything comes back around in this world.


Axing this morning show is long past overdue. A couple of times in traffic, I’ve ended up listening to it – it’s really something! Rudeness to each other as well as the audience, obscene jokes, ignorance – and that’s only what I heard during the few minutes I could stand.


Typical louts! The only way is to ignore this radio station completely!


I have long suspected that these scoundrels broadcast while they’re stoned.


Good banter on the air is fine BUT THIS IS TOO FAR!!! THEY SHOULD APOLOGISE!!!


During Soviet times, Lighthouse was the most romantic station, and now your ears wilt listening to their constant screaming and wild laughter every day.

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