Nuclear Weapons To Be Made By Private Companies

From Rambler News:

Private Russian companies will be able to develop nuclear weapons

Russian private companies will be able to take part in the development of the strategic nuclear force of the Russian Federation, the deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has said, in an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti.

“Everything related to the production of strategic nuclear arms, of course, should be under the absolute control of the government. But, of course, the private sector can co-operate, and co-operation in this area could be quite profound, perhaps 300-400 companies”, he said.

Rogozin elaborated that to work in the defence sector, private companies will need to undergo a series of tests and obtain the appropriate permits. However, in his opinion, it’s “an easily-solved problem”.

In terms of the areas that require the participation of private businesses, the deputy PM pointed to the development and manufacture of electronic components and new materials as an example. Rogozin believes that the entire amount of private capital in the Russian defence industry needs to be increased to 30-35%.

“In the USA, 60% of the military-industrial complex is in private hands. In Russia, I think that with measures implemented to increase private capital in the defence industry, the number would be 30-35%, less than the US due to the fact that we traditionally have a large public defence sector – 1,350 businesses”, the deputy Prime Minister clarified.

Comments from Rambler News:


One can only imagine the owner of nuclear weapons sitting in his castle, picking his nose, blackmailing the entire government, it seems like some kind of fantastic nonsense is becoming reality.

Вася Хренкин:

How can a guild of craftsmen create up-to-date weapons? It’s not like they’re scooters!

Изя Рабинович:

Nobody doubts that private companies will take part. But my private company could never get there, just the Rogozin’s wife’s company, or Luzhkov’s or Dvorkovich’s… there’s nothing new here.

Мария Мария:

Who is this Rogozin anyway? Why is he now in charge of defence? What does he know of it?

Максим Алхимов:

The USA is a “private state”, with a top-manager-president hired to run it.

Celer Alba:

While Russia is a state-owned state, with state-appointed top-bureaucrats.


How can he be right, those drones that we’ve heard so much about how difficult they are to build will be made by private companies and sold at every street corner like children’s toys.


Acme Private Public Limited Partnership Company: “A mushroom cloud in every home”. Free delivery to any address!

Арчи Гудвин:

Half of those three hundred firms will be managed by Rogozin’s wife, brothers, children, close relatives, and old friends)

На те в борщ:

Tomorrow, grand opening of “Tsar Bomb” Ltd. Prices below market rates. Discounts for frequent shoppers. Free radiation.

газпром национальное достояние…ага…21:

To me it sounds like he’s saying “somebody help me!!!”

Виктор С.:

They’ll be built in the Caucasus and tested in Moscow.

Петя Куинжи:

Are you an idiot Rogozin?

полиграф полиграфович:

Another GLONASS.

[Note: commenter is referring to a corruption scandal exposed recently in which billions of roubles have been embezzled from the GLONASS project.]

vladimir Ts:

Who will finance it?

feofan-2012: (responding to above)

…Easy peasy- from our pockets, mine and yours.

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