Putin to Star in Skiing Instruction Video

From Echo Moskvy:

Vladimir Putin has become the lead character in an educational film about skiing

The film was shot by the president’s personal trainer and the former head of Russia’s Olympic Committee, Leonid Tyagachev. According to him, Putin has a very good turning technique and an excellent “pendulum” technique with his legs. Tyagachev notes that Putin has reached such a high level that professionals from a number of countries of the world have praised him. This is reported in today’s “Izvestia” newspaper.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Time for him to swim across the Yangtzee


But who’s going to film the manual for pilots?


Who dreamed up this mockery of Putin. He can’t walk, he’s living in fear from his injury, and someone’s dreamed up this mockery.


He’s taught cranes how to fly, now to teach skiers to ski.


Let’s wait for him to show criminals by example how to go to jail.


Maybe he could film the Kama Sutra? )))

redfox09: (responding to above)

Look around you – the whole country’s turning into cancer, why not film the Kama Sutra?


They’re praising him? So he’s going to take part in the Olympics? That’s where we can judge objectively.


Maybe this is his true calling then?


I’m sick of his face

Read more about Putin’s adrenaline-fueled antics here! Do you think that he sets a good example? Or is he just a show off?

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