Putin Visits Moscow High School on Day of Knowledge

From Echo Moskvy:

Vladimir Putin to Visit a Moscow High School on the Day of Knowledge

Olympic gymnastics champion Aliya Mustafina and judoka Alexander Mikhailin, silver medalist in London, are holding a lesson at school № 1519 today. According to the Kremlin press service, the head of state will also be there.

Meanwhile, yesterday the government discussed problems in education. […]

Officials prefer to say that the usual problems are ‘normal.’ On the eve of the Day of Knowledge, the head of Russia’s Ministry for Education and Science, Dmitry Livanov said at a meeting with Prime Minister Medvedev that schools still do not have enough teachers of foreign languages, mathematics and physical education. There are more than 17 thousand unfilled vacancies, but ‘this is normal, this is less than it was in previous years,’ said the Minister. According to Livanov, on August 29, 95% of educational institutions were ready for the new school year. However, over 3 days of repair, more than 5,000 jobs have to be completed in Russia’s 102,000 educational institutions. Special problems remain in the North Caucasus. At 30 schools in Dagestan and Ingushetia, work continues in three shifts. Add in the 8th anniversary of the Beslan tragedy, and the security forces in the region have been moved on to high alert.

In total this year 13,500,000 Russians will sit behind desks.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


So he’s not going to Beslan?


It would be a thousand times more correct if Putin were in Beslan today.

purhomenko: (responding to above)

And why do you think that he won’t be?

dde: (responding to above)

If he does go, it’s the right thing to do (in all respects).

purhomenko: (responding to above)

You can see how the world is changing … it should be easier

dde: (responding to above)

zhzhosh!!! :)


It is interesting to compare how child protection is provided in regular schools and this single one that has been selected … Where is it protection for show, and where is it ‘we won’t pay the price’?

purhomenko: (responding to above)

Are you probing for a gap? Foreign agent or what?


It would be better if Kabayev was with Mr. Putin with his little son …. but they’ve not cleaned up Beslan yet … like hell is he going there …

greschnik: (responding to above)

The road to the school № 1519 is certainly being cleaned up.

purhomenko: (responding to above)

From idiots, yeah.

fokfil: (responding to mihalen)

It’d be better if he took Kabayev along for a demonstration lesson.

purhomenko: (responding to above)

Your state department manuals are outdated.

aekorch: (responding to above)

And you have a new one, with large letters, for the underdeveloped.


Putin .. Putin .. Putin .. Putin … – Hot news (blin) … its not even funny …


Have they already replaced the children from Nashi?

bezansamblya: (responding to above)

The entire area was cleared, snipers were put in position, conversations were had with parents, grandparents, just in case they were held as hostages … and all for 2 minutes of pictures on TV.

purhomenko: (responding to above)

Ordinary school, ordinary kids … Where did you get such nonsense in your head?

dde: (responding to above)

From the very outdated state department manuals. It is not clear, is it? The new ones still have not been sent.


“This is normal, this is less than it was in previous years” – This is normal, of course, if normal means not normal!


Beslan is a bleeding wound of the country, a blood stain on the conscience of Power! Putin should go to the tragic place and apologize to the innocent victims today!

kalashnik: (responding to above)

Oh yeah, and he was apparently to go down to the sea bottom for amphorae near the submarine Kursk?

[Note: In August last year, Putin surfaced from a scuba dive with two ancient Greek urns – amphorae. At the time, the urns were widely believed to have been planted for him to find. The Kursk was a Russian nuclear submarine that was lost with all hands in August 2000.]?

airjeff: (also responding to izvpadini61)

And why go there? There are no amphorae there.


So the children are going to be at school? Or will he be attending an empty school? And then as if something happens, the children suddenly blurt out something like with Lukashenko [President of Belarus].

purhomenko: (responding to above)

They’ll be there, don’t you worry about it … and they’ll ask what they want … kids today are smart


The president is blamed at every step. Is there nobody else to criticise?

purhomenko: (responding to above)

It is called paranoia.

ykikins: (also responding to xaron)

“The president is blamed at every step” – and in response, he signs interesting laws.


“Vladimir Putin to Visit a Moscow High School on the Day of Knowledge”. Exactly which school he will visit, you can easily identify by the road to the school that’s been washed with shampoo.

ivan_77: (responding to above)

And the smell of the green paint on the painted grass.

ykikins: (also responding to kimonadasas)

“Exactly which school he will visit, you can easily identify by the road to the school that’s been washed with shampoo.” Or where there are no schoolchildren, and only the Young Guard [the youth wing of Putin’s United Russia party] and Nashi, with flowers and bows.


I hope he’s not going to swear there.

dtgc: (responding to above)

Better to swear than to chew.


‘The president is blamed at every step.’

Not by everyone. But lately, all the steps are identical: Disable, Sort Out, Check, Punish.
‘We have many businesses that are still in the last century’, stated the President. This is the president? What has he been doing for the last 10 years? Picking up amphorae, which even young children could have found?
The Duma, even a rabid printer would not be able to churn out laws at this rate, its idiocy is admirable.


[Putin’s] godfather Carlo Berezovsky sold the shirt off his back, so that his little Buratinko can go to school in London. It’s late in the day to be learning.


… And its center of ‘sports’ achievements was the gym …! In Beslan.

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