Riots Break Out In Chelyabinsk Penal Colony

Prisoners in Chelyabinsk

From Echo Moskvy:

Almost 40 people have been arrested by the police at colony № 6 in Kopeysk, where a riot has broken out

Near to the prison gates, people gathered “who wanted to destabilise the already complicated situation”. This was reported to Echo Moskvy by a representative of the Chelyabinsk Region Interior Ministry headquarters, Vyacheslav Botov. This statement contradicts eyewitnesses who say that as a result of police action, innocent people who were simply driving by were injured. We add that according to information from the correctional services, approximately 250 people are taking part in the riot. The department confirm that the situation is under control.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Video of the OMON mayhem in the “strict regime” colony in the Chelyabinsk Oblast:


“About 40 people”
That’s pretty much the whole gang!


OFFICIALLY, everything’s all legal, as per usual! There’s no other way! In ’37, everything was also completely legal!

sgabin74: (responding to above)

Young man! Where were you in the 90s? Freedom was absolute! No repression whatsoever. Complete and utter democracy. Except there was killing on the streets. My neighbour was killed on the doorstep for his salary. The bourgeoisie and the slave labourers got their salaries when nobody else saw theirs for half a year.


“Almost 40 people have been arrested by the police at colony № 6 in Kopeysk”
And, of course, they were all drunk, swearing, and and resisting arrest by the law enfucksers. Two of them were injured – one suffered a torn button, and the other had his hankie pinched.


The authorities could provide the video in their defence. Since of course it is possible, or do they prefer to steal, as usual?

More comments from Echo Moskvy:


This is another version of Putin’s stability.


Riot in IK-6. Rehearsal for the revolution? “We’re f***ing you, and we’re getting stronger”? […]


Never trust criminals!

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  • lonetrey / Dan

    How does anyone know what’s going on?? Seems like this kind of situation is fraught with misblaming and suspicion everywhere…. I don’t even know what to think after reading the whole article and the Russian netizens’ comments!