Russia Fifth Most Lawless Country, Study Finds

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From Echo Moskvy:

Russia comes practically at the very end of a list of rule-of-law ratings

Russia appears practically at the very end of a list of rule-of-law index, according to the international NGO World Justice Project. Of 97 places, our country came 92nd. In terms of the transparency of the judicial process and the authorities, 74th, and in terms of corruption, 71st, reports Interfax. Russia comes next to Iran, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Venezuela, and several African countries.

The highest ratings were in Norway, Sweden, Australia, and a few other Western European countries, the USA and Canada.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Forward Russia!

puttup: (responding to above)

…Well, no, not at the very end, but somewhere around ar*e level…


“Of 97 places, our country came 92nd”
Well, all the same, we’re not last. That’s still something to be proud of.

flyval: (responding to above)

What I don’t understand is WHY we aren’t last?


Ask yourself a question. There are 97 countries, and it’s only Russia that nobody loves, not even 90% of the citizens who live there.


The main thing is that we’re moving…


Funny, why do we have laws, when we’re in very first place for “understandings”.

[Note: “understanding” is a commonly used Russian euphemism for corruption]


No-one’s gonna catch us!!!


Yeah, it’s not nice to feel like a savage, and that you live among savages. But unfortunately, that’s how it is.


Friends are always nearby: [Russia] comes next to Iran, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Venezuela, and several African countries. Korea got lost somewhere.


Who is this World Justice Project?
Who finances them? Why were they created?
First answer these questions, and then put the product of their activity in the headlines…


It’s not the winning it’s the taking part that counts!
And anyway, we’re members of the 8 MOST OVERDEVELOPED COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD!


But there are about 200 countries in the UN, where are they?

Written by Joe Innes

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  • asian don draper

    Its really just a matter of acceptance. Whats the difference between this and special interest groups lobbying for projects to be passed on congress?

    • Zappa Frank

      that lobby groups are legal?

      • lonetrey / Dan

        I think that’s the point that asian don draper was trying to make. What’s legal and what’s not is relative to the people in power as well as social acceptance.

        Still, being in 92nd place really does indicate a problem at hand here regardless….

    • Word

      Difference between corruption and lobbyists is that corruption lowers everyone’s standard of living. Do Americans have to bribe people at the DMV to get their license in a reasonable amount of time, or at all? Do Canadians have to bribe their city hall to get a building permit? And this is only at the very bottom of the chain – it’s not a trickle-down effect, it’s a trickle-up effect, because that’s where all the money ends up going. If the cop or the bureaucrat didn’t have someone above them that they needed to bribe to keep on living and working, they wouldn’t engage in these activities. You either join in, or you’re going to get walked over for your whole life.

  • linette lee


  • linette lee

    Economic and Political Theory 101 with Cows

  • I’ve known these sorts of things were biased for sometime now. Look at the U.S. for example. Didn’t we just have a scandal where Obama’s senate seat was being sold by Blagojevich (now in jail) to Jesse Jackson’s son? Isn’t Chicago one of the most corrupt cities in the nation, without secret? What about how Detroit’s mayor for years took money earmarked for rebuilding the city and put it instead in his pocket. Plus, look at the top countries on this list, all I read was: 1)Putin 2)Ahmadinejad 3)Nazarbayev 4)Lukashenko and 5) Hugo Chavez…….all people that America has referred to in the past as “dictators.” The list is ridiculous. i.e. Earlier this year a girl on Moscow subway shot a man that was threatening her and other passengers with a gun AND a knife. Her gun only had rubber bullets, and she did subdue him, but she was arrested and charged because citizens aren’t supposed to have those types of guns; despite the fact she was defending herself. Doesn’t sound like a place where laws mean nothing to me.

  • Rafasa Falati

    USA, just BOMB.