Russian Man Tries to Sell Virginity in Online Auction

From Life News:

Russian puts his virginity up for auction

23-year-old Alexander Stepanov became another participant in a documentary project, in which he will give his virginity to the winner of an online auction.

Russian Alexander Stepanov will join the Brazilian Catarina Migliorini, becoming the second main character in the Australian documentary film “Virgins Wanted”.

The 23-year-old man and the 20-year-old girl will lose their virginity with the winners of an online auction, which will end on the 15th of October.

The martial arts fan decided to take part in the unusual project not only for the cash reward, but also for the special medical treatment.

“In my childhood I suffered from bullying from my peers at school. At 16, I ended up leaving school to look after my sick mother, and soon after, we moved to Australia”, says Alex. “In Sydney, I was given the diagnosis of clinical depression. Nobody wanted to make friends with me, I had never had a girlfriend, and I was scared that that would last my whole life.”

The creators of the show offered Stepanov 20,000 dollars for the rights to show his emotions before the crucial moment, and also after the significant event, and offered psychiatric help.

At the moment, the price of the young Russian man’s virginity is 1,300 dollars, in comparison to his “companion” Migliorini, whose virginity is already valued at 160,000 dollars.

Upon learning that the second participant in the film was a Brazilian, Alexander hastened to add that he dreams particularly of a girl with Latin-American roots.

“Women in Brazil are very pretty and self-confident, they scare me a bit, but I would really like to get to know them better,” reasoned Stepanov. “Because of this, I even started to learn Spanish, until I found out that they speak Portuguese in Brazil.”

Alexander’s future partner will be presented with a notarised statement from the young man, saying that up until this time, he has never partaken in a sexual liaison.

“The girl of my dreams is a shy brunette, but looks for me don’t play a big role”, the hero shared about his preferences.

Comments from Life News:


I hope that the competition is won by a healthy, hairy man.


What if a man buys his virginity?


I hope that some Georgian bloke wins and then the 23-year-old lad will lose his virginity. Nope, not quite what he imagined.


The virginity of this participant is explained by his intellect in his phrase: “I even started to learn Spanish, until I found out that they speak Portuguese in Brazil.”


It makes me sick that you can find such scum in Russia.


Virginity’s a commodity now? And if the customer’s a fat old bloke or a cellulite-ridden old woman? He’s not going to throw up?


For guys, the concept of virginity is irrelevant. And there are plenty of notaries who would certify and old rubbish for a bribe.

Ch. Norris:

And if his buyer is an indecent brown-haired man? What will become of his depression? GG.


And how can you check the virginity of a guy? By the way, if he’s masturbated a lot, is he still a virgin?


They’ve gone completely out of their minds…


He thought that they spoke Spanish in Brazil, I get it now.


They’ve all gone mad, and don’t know what to sell any more.

What do you think? Do people have the right to sell whatever they want? Or is this beyond the pale?

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  • Little correction.
    The word “здоровый” in Russian means both “healthy” and “big/huge”.

    So, the first comment of Russian netizen should be translated, as:
    “I hope that the competition is won by a big, hairy man.”

    • Hi Augis,

      Thanks for the suggestion. As translation is not an exact science, in this case, either could work, with slightly different meanings. I opted for “healthy” as I think this gives the connotation of someone who might be up for several rounds of passionate intercourse, while “big” carries its own connotations. Unfortunately for us translators, the Russian is able to carry both sets at once!


  • mr. wiener

    This is what happens when you let your mother cut your hair.

  • Lol. This is ridiculously funny. I’ve heard of a girl selling her V, but a man? Now that’s news!

  • Fillipe

    I just can’t believe that this kind of thing happens. Everybody has the free will to do whatever they want but it’s beyond the pale. I hope he will realize that this experience won’t help him at all, he will not become more self-confident or feel better, specially if a man wins the auction.

  • i hope some bodybuilder guy wins!

  • Update: the lucky winner was a lady called Nene B, from Brazil. Alexander has ten days to consummate with her, in exchange for $3,000. His female counterpart got $785,000…

  • lonetrey / Dan

    From RussiaSlam’s Facebook page: ”
    Update to Alexander Stepanov received $3,000 for his virginity. He has ten days to consummate with Nene B.”

    Will there be a new article for the news update? Like, reactions to the successful sale of his virginity, or the identity of the buyer? All we have a name… and I must admit, I am very intrigued who would actually pay $3000 for a man’s V-card.

    • As it stands, the information hasn’t been released yet. If there is enough interest in it to warrant a follow-up article, then one will be written. To make sure you don’t miss it, make sure you’re following us on Twitter (@russiaSLAM), Facebook (, or subscribe to our RSS feed!

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Oh don’t worry, I am already subscribed and liked the Facebook page! :)

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