Russian Radio Stations to Warn Listeners Before Mature Songs


Radio stations to warn of songs inappropriate for children

Radios will mark songs with a special ‘voice tag’ if they contain information that breaks the law protecting children from undesirable information in the media. Alexander Zharov, head of Roskomnadzor, told Rossiskaya Gazeta about it. In addition, [radio stations] will be required to warn on air that they broadcast information that falls outside the age limit four times a day.

According to Zharov, ‘in songs there are various words,’ and some ‘describe fairly naturalistic activities.’ That is why Roskomnadzor have agreed with the National Association of Broadcasters to create an expert group who, at the request of the media, will examine songs, and determine which songs should be labelled, he told the newspaper.

The Law ‘On Protection of Children’, adopted in late 2010, and signed by Dmitry Medvedev in February 2011, entered into force on 1 September 2012. According to this law, all media must label products with special labels with an icon indicating the age limit (‘6+’, ’12+’, ’16+’ and ’18+’). In the category of ’18+’ are products intended for viewing by people over 18 years old, including any information that may be regarded as promoting illegal activities, or any that are dangerous to life, as well as scenes of smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling and prostitution.

Comments from Форум


Insanity is getting more severe.

Глоток свежего воздуха:

Madonna’s songs have now been given a limit of ’60+’ -))) The government will get their revenge.


I wonder, what other ‘innovations’ will please the citizens of the Russian Federation in the near future?

Самый человечный человек:

Russian citizens who misbehaved in life die and are reborn again in the RF [Russian Federation].

Дюша Метёлкин: (responding to above)

Those of you who are against this, I can’t understand, exactly what do you see wrong with having a warning in front of a song containing some rather inappropriate vocabulary so, for example, a family travelling in the car with young children can switch the radio over? What’s wrong with that? I might be a bit stupid, but please explain it to me, because I’m not getting it. Moreover, it’s not forbidden to listen to the song.

Макс Зоркий:

Have you really thought about how this is going to happen? Something like, ‘and now on the air, a song for people over 16 years old.’ It’s like a red rag to a bull. I would have listened to it at the age of 12, wondering what is it about this song that would not be recommended for me?

Удвоим ВВП во славу Императора человечества!:

To hell with him, with the radio… Explain to me why the news on RBK is now accompanied by a pop-up icon saying 16+? ))

Освальд Бобиков:

Well then, Vaenga with her ‘Mum, I’m Smoking Again’ is also banned.


Quite right!! I couldn’t care less if children listen to obscene songs.


Children will start drooling when they hear the tag. I remember in the eighth grade, we were given booklets about the dangers of drugs, page 50. About a third of the book was fruity and colorful description of the experiences of young addicts, ohh … That’s when we learned that if you sniff one brand of glue, you see cartoons, and a different brand, horrors. German acetone gave the most vivid sensations, all the way up to virtual sex. After reading this, I ran to the store for glue every other day.))

Подельник Пыхтачок:

Sorry, but if people want to learn to use a knife, it is best to teach self-defense classes to protect against knife attacks, though.

Удвоим ВВП во славу Императора человечества! (responding to above):

i.e. courses for young drug addicts? ) Going behind the garages instead of watching the ‘banned’ TV, listening to the ‘banned’ radio, and going on the ‘banned’ internet? )


Any legal action to strengthen morality in society will be supported!

Улыбайтесь, господа!:

What degree of inappropriateness would they need to have?

Глоток свежего воздуха:

Nonsense, what the bureaucrats have come up with.


It’s been a while since there’s been such nonsense.
It’s not by any means necessary to protect children from smoking and alcohol dependency. A child that picks up a cigarette at a young age hardly looks at it and thinks ‘just wait’ [‘just wait’ is the Russian equivalent of ‘just say no’]. My generation grew up on Multfilm [Soviet moralistic cartoons]. The wolf there is shown as a negative character that just combines all these negative qualities, such as smoking and so on. I think they want to impose these stupid children’s cartoons upon our children and new types of these ridiculous animals that don’t mean anything.
Do MPs not have anything better to do?


Now, kids, cover your ears, there’s gonna be a song with the words ‘piiiiiiiiiiiii’. And they say that Russia is trying to create a positive image abroad, well, at the moment it’s worse than the existing image. Yes, that image is much better than reality. No wonder Trofim sings in one of his songs: ‘In this wild, downtrodden, miserable country, so similar to a prison for society …’


I hope that the songs will become less full of crap ‘love me in French,’ ‘like a dog’, etc. It is not only necessary to label these songs, but to introduce wild fines for broadcasting them.


And the fact that you can hear children swearing from the tenth floor, is that normal?! And it’s not society that’s raised them like this … it’s mom and dad. How many times have I seen a couple with a buggy, Mum with a cigarette, Dad with a beer, swearing … with a baby in the buggy who instead of ‘hello,’ says ‘bl…d’ and ‘piz…ts’

Подельник Пыхтачок:

Children only need their parents.
It’s an absurd country, those involved in youth policy are [old] ladies who either don’t have children or have failed to properly educate a single child, or former Komsomol leaders. And if people start a domestic club [referring to youth groups or organizations], instantly there are background checks on them and anyone [the people who start the organization] who doesn’t have any special education must be looking to make children into murderers and thugs, or worse – he’s a hidden paedophile secretly seducing the young. There are few people who have the many permits required to open such commercial enterprises [youth organizations] providing additional education, and what more, the rent and taxes would be the same as other businesses.


Return to Communism.
Every day the feeling is more and more that I live in a country that is crazy! Sorry. Rather, it’s getting to the point of absurdity and insanity in a country where the bureaucrats relish in the execution of a law or regulation or ordinance of the President (especially this)!
Well, how can you say, ‘just wait!’ for things that are harmful to children? More than one generation has grown up on these multfilms! Will we only be left with the asexual Smeshariki [Russian cartoon characters], Transformers, The Simpsons, and others like them? With what they’re saying … soon, stepping to the left or right will be considered trying to escape, and jumping in place will be seen as an attempt to fly away.


Our generation grew up on songs by ‘Gas Sector’ and action movies about ninjas. And we grew up to be normal people.

What do you think? Is providing warnings and labels for certain content a reasonable public service? Or a waste of time?

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