Schoolchildren Find Lion Cub In Woods Near Rostov-on-Don

Lion cub in the gym


Lion Cub found near Rostov-on-Don by schoolchildren

Near Rostov-on-Don, children on the way to school found a lion cub. The animal was found in the village Seyatel in the Salskovo region of Rostov Oblast, local news portal SalskNews reports.

The children who found the young wild cat brought their find to school number 84, where he was put in the sports hall. The director of the educational institution Angelica Chemerisova called the police and the emergency services and reported that there was a lion cub at the school.

Lion cub in the gym

In the meantime, it has been decided to leave the animal at the school. Law enforcement agencies are looking for the owner of the lion cub. Presumably, it was able to escape from the travelling zoo “Safari”, currently in Salsk. Another possibility is that the lion cub was left in the street by its owners, who realised that they could not look after a young predator.

It has not been established how long the lion was in the forest for. As the portal “Uznay Vsyo” pointed out, when the cat was found, he appeared scared and hungry. At school number 84, the animal drank thirstily.

Lion cub at the school

Comments from Форум:


Leave it at the school and feed it the underacheivers.

[Note: the commenter makes a minor spelling mistake in the word which has been translated as “underacheivers”]

SЕRG: (responding to above)

underachIEvers … you’re the first to be eaten


The lion will be useful for PE lessons – it’ll encourage people to run, climb ropes, etc.

Фаина – очень прошу модератора разрешить SHAKEDу и Овощу Бобруйскому вернуться! И Фоме! Пожалуйста!:

What a cutie – but what an evil litle face! Maybe, as a result of global warming, lions have started to breed in the forests near Rostov-on-Don? Much better than the official story…

SЕRG: (responding to above)

But in Rostov-on-Don, there are piranhas and crocodiles.

[Note: the articles linked are in Russian, but the images are creatures caught in Rostov-on-Don earlier this year.]

Марципановый поросенок Анжелкин: (responding to above)

The piranhas will eat the crocodiles

Фаина – очень прошу модератора разрешить SHAKEDу и Овощу Бобруйскому вернуться! И Фоме! Пожалуйста!: (responding to above)

Not the most enviable acquisition, you have to admit :) If it’s true, of course :)

SЕRG: (responding to above)

Every now and then one gets caught, even in the river in Moscow (piranhas)


Boniface’s Holidays – it’ll show the children all sorts of tricks

[Note: Boniface’s Holidays was a Soviet cartoon film in which a lion went to Africa on holiday]

Марципановый поросенок Анжелкин:

Boniface got lost. In the past, lions knew their geography better and never went so far North.

gips: (responding to above)

Well, he’s not actually come that far, if you look at their natural habitat.

Вот так!:

It’s not just bears walking the streets in Russia now… that’s progress for you…

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  • lonetrey / Dan

    AWWWWWWWW omgg it’s SO CUTE! asdfgjhjkl

    Ahaha. Well, I hope it gets a proper home and taken care of!

  • 3ayo

    What is Simba doing in Russia? Can they even survive up there?

    • linette lee

      hahah….simba..come back. you are in the wrong country.

  • UPDATE: the lion cub has been rehomed in the Rostov zoo, in quarantine, and will stay there until (or unless?) its owners come to collect it.

    Side note: the weirdest part of this article was not that they found a lion cub… but that they just said “Ah well, we’ll let it stay in the school sports hall”!!!???

    • Strelnikov

      It is a nation of unfuckwithable people.