Schoolgirl Forced To Strip At Knifepoint By Classmates

Two schoolgirls

From Echo Moskvy:

In Vladivostok, a schoolgirl was made to strip for her peers at knife-point, and then they took photographs of her

This incident is currently under investigation. The mother of the 11-year-old schoolgirl reported this to the police. The investigator may come out with the suggestion of applying pressure to the young people and their legal representatives. It is not the first time force has been used by teenagers in the town over the last week. On the social network VKontakte, a video appeared showing a schoolgirl being beaten by two of her peers. The girls beat their victim’s head against a brick wall.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


In the past, it would have been the families that were held responsible for this shit. In the village, they’d rip apart their house and drive the whole rotten family out from all four sides.

body061: (responding to above)

Definitely, they need to investigate the families of these bastards! Obviously not everything is right in the family, and they need to be investigated for paedophilia!



andre_klimov: (responding to above)

I get it.

While contrary political fools spread nonsense, criminal fools feel completely free.

You’re right. Lawlessness is rising both for “Pussy” and for “normal people”.

arheologiztomska: (responding to above)

The eternal era of tolyars

[Note: tolyar is the pseudonym of the parent of this thread]

andre_klimov: (responding to above)

The era of tolyarence? :)
(Sorry, I couldn’t resist…)

[Note: the pun here is on the pseudonym of the parent, and the word tolerance, used widely in Russia to refer to multicultural society]

segregator: (also responding to parent)

tolyar: go and wank off over Pussy, just don’t splash on the monitor… you’re straight up so aroused… just like Putin…


Long live the education system! Long live democracy! Long live twitter and the iPhone, where you can get all sorts of crap about the right direction [in life]!


Only a total change of population can change all of this crap. We need the complete Islamisation of the unwashed Rashka.


Where does such cruelty come from in people??

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  • lonetrey / Dan

    Huh. Bullying in the Russian news too?

    Hope the girl takes up self-defense classes. Then kicks her assailants’ ass the next time they try to mess with her. Mace/taser would probably be a good idea from now on too.