Seven Killed at Bus Stop as Car Ploughs Through at 125 MPH


Interior Ministry: Identities of Five Killed when Car Ran into Bus Stop still not Established

The identities of five of the seven killed when a car ran into a bus stop in the West of Moscow has thus far not been established, the press service of the central board of the Interior ministry in the capital have said to RIA Novosti.

“The identities of two of the dead people have been established: a 40-45 year old man and a 31 year old woman. The bodies of three teenagers and a man and his wife have not yet been identified.”, the news agency heard.

The incident occurred during the day on Saturday. The drunk driver of a Toyota lost control and crashed into a bus stop at 200km/h [125mph]. Seven people were killed, and three injured. A few hours after causing the crash, the offender could hardly stand up straight, and was trying to escape from the hands of the policemen guarding him, and threatening to break a video camera.

When questioned about how much he had drunk before getting behind the wheel, the arrested man, Alexander Maksimov (born 1982) answered: “I’d been drinking for two days”. He added that for what he did, he needs “to shoot himself”.

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иван иванов:

Almost a whole day has gone past, and the police still don’t know. What are the police doing there?

Fyodor Ilin: (responding to above)

Taking bribes from kiosks.

Чернов Андрей: (also responding to иван иванов)

They haven’t got the time for this nonsense.


And what’s the bigger problem in Russia – the Caucasus or Russian drinking? There’s no culture in Russia from here and all the problems…

Zlyuka Vrednaya:

Deja vu, the woman who killed five in Staraya Kupavna hasn’t even been sentenced yet, and this has broken her record, killing seven. For each of the victims he’ll get a maximum of two years.


This freak… he’s right about one thing, he should shoot himself.


How many things like this have already happened? They can’t put bumpers up in columns at bus stops? The authorities would rather allow shawarma stands to be put up than to deal with this problem.

[Note: in Russia, shawarma (a type of kebab) are often sold from small kiosks on the street, and frequently these are found near bus stops]


Shoot him, we need to introduce the death penalty! Suka, he’s brought grief to the parents!


For this, he shouldn’t just shoot himself, but before that, SEVEN of his best friends or closest relatives should be shot to balance the situation.

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