Shots Fired at Trolleybus in Spate of Public Transport Attacks


A trolleybus has been fired upon in the centre of Moscow

A Moscow trolleybus driver has complained about a vehicle shooting to the police, reports ‘Interfax’. He said that at about 01:00 on September 10, he heard the shot while travelling down Solyanka street. After inspecting the interior, the driver found a crack on the right hand pane of the windscreen.
According to him, at the time of the incident there were no passengers in on the trolleybus. The police have started an inquiry into the trolleybus driver’s claims. On Solyanka street, there are two trolleybus routes – the 45 and the 63.

A few days ago, on September 5, two [ordinary] buses were shot at. The incident occurred in the east of Moscow.

In addition, in the summer of 2012 unknown people have shot at buses, trolleybuses and trams in the capital. In July, the bus LiAZ 5292-21 route 9 was shot at. On June 15, three buses were fired at on the 74-kilometer ring road. On June 25th a bus was fired upon which was carrying the Moscow ‘Locomotive’ youth team.

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совсем злой:

After inspecting the interior, the driver found a crack on the right hand pane of the windscreen.
You might think that they were firing a machine gun at least… Maybe that would be enough to come up with crazy headlines? So you want to present the news, it would seem, that something terrible and unpleasant is happening in a nightmarish Rashka. That’s fine. I understand. But at least be consistent.


It’s high time to introduce legislation on airguns. The parents of the school-kid shooters should be heavily fined or tried if the children are not of a certain age.

совсем злой:

Indisputably. There are certain airguns you could easily shoot [and kill people with].

– ”’I”’ 36,6 ”’I”’ +:

You can even kill with a plastic fork.

Папа robotnik66613 (потерял сына, нашедшим сочувствую!):

Or you can rip teeth out.
Or even stick a finger in the eye.


And Riddick could kill with a mug of soup. We need to bring in legislation against mugs of soup.


Stability gets more stable every day.

Коля Ишаков(восставший из бана в 5-й раз):

‘After inspecting the interior, the driver found a crack on the right hand pane of the windscreen.’
What type of round is it if it hasn’t even gone through the glass?


I reckon… guerrillas from the far East are already in Moscow. They’re taking aim…


Have the borders of Chechnya and Dagestan expanded as far as Moscow? Maybe it’s time to mount a counter-terrorist operation?
PS and for this you can get two years …

What do you think? Should air-guns be banned?

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