Siberians Stock up on Essentials in Anticipation of Doomsday


Siberians are buying essential goods in anticipation of the end of the world

Despite prices trebling in the Russian region of Transbaikal, stores in the capital have sold out of cereals, matches, and candles. The residents of Chita are anticipating the end of the Age of the Fifth Sun, and therefore the end of the world, which is due to happen on December 21 according to the ancient Mayan calendar.

“Before, a large candle cost 15-20 roubles. All the candles have long sold out. We did not increase prices [in our store], but many prices elsewhere reached 70 roubles, but even at this price they have sold out”, said a RIA Novosti source, adding that now candles can’t even be found in Chita wholesalers. Customers have been sold stock that was 3 to 4 years old at double the price.

This situation is not just affecting the Transbaikal region, the residents of Krasnoyarsk Krai are also stocking up on canned and other ‘strategic’ goods.

Krasnoyarsk KP quote a shop assistant in Shushenskoye village “Old ladies are buying candles and matches, products which have a long shelf life, and preserves. They are preparing to experience darkness.” Here the local newspaper has worsened the hysteria around the Mayan calendar prophecies “A Tibetan monk, the Oracle of Shambhala, has made a statement to NASA” about this situation.

News agency PortAmur claims that in the Amur region town of Blagoveshchensk residents are stockpiling pasta and canned meat in anticipation of doomsday. Pasta and stew are flying off the shelves, while sales of basic commodities have increased by 20%.

Igor Rotar, CEO of a small chain of local shops notes that it all started at the end of November, “every day, when we are cashing up, we try to guess what holiday it is today and why sales have increased; it’s still too early for New Year. Nevertheless, people have become more prepared and, seriously, sales of pasta, buckwheat, canned meat and salt have increased by 20%.”

Siberians keep reminding each other on social networks that they “still need water and medicine, especially antibiotics, a gas stove, and some spare cylinders.”

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Людмила А.:

They do right. They’ll be dining by candlelight.

ВсёПутём: (responding to above)

[They’ll be dining on] porridge

Людмила А.: (responding to above)

Soup and porridge is our food. Nothing has changed in Russia.

[Note: soup and porridge is our food is a common Russian idiom]


The most important thing is that employers are scared that they will forget to put up prices. They need to make as much money as they can before the end.


In the Soviet times this would never have happened. A policy of obscurantism and low quality of education has dropped us right into the Middle Ages.


The insanity has intensified.


The goal of humanity is to live until the end of the world, yay, there’s not much time left…


The Y2K12 bug.

Signor Tomato:



By the way, the most effective thing to buy would be sports drinks, they contain a lot of calories and are easy to prepare =)

ВсёПутём: (responding to above)

I’ll go buy chocolates and nuts))


This is not because it is the end of the world, but because of what Medvedev said about the ominous state of the economy. Besides, higher prices, taxes and tariffs have already been predicted since the beginning of the year.

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