Woman Dies After Beer Bottle Sex Game near Chelyabinsk

From Komsomolskaya Pravda:

A Resident of the Chelyabinsk Oblast Has Died after Love Thrills

Lover risks a criminal case

The woman from Asha died late at night in her flat from loss of blood. On arrival, medics fixed an injury to her rectum which had caused internal bleeding.

Her boyfriend, with whom the woman had lived for four years in a civil marriage immediately fell under suspicion. He recounted that the evening before, he made love with his wife as usual. The couple have always tried to diversify their relationship, and this time in their games, they used… a beer bottle. In the words of the lover, his girlfriend felt fine, fell asleep, did not complain about her health the next day, but the following night he found her dead.

Investigators don’t even know how to approach this case. To make the situation even more spicy is the fact that the couple lived in the same flat as the 80-year-old grandmother [of one of them]. The youngsters waited until she slept to indulge in their pleasures.

“Now an initial inquiry into the woman’s death will be held”, the Investigative Committee of Russia for Chelyabinsk region’s invesigative department in Asha told K[omsomolskaya] P[ravda], “A medical examination has been ordered. It is possible that the young man will be prosecuted under the article “Murder by negligence”.

Comments from Komsomolskaya Pravda:


Women are fixated on one thing – being underneath. And there are others who try new things. The people that try new things are doing the right thing, finding what’s new and getting fun out of it. In this case, the guy’s not guilty. He didn’t ask for what happened in the evening. Had it been successful, they would have lived together happily ever after.

Гость №1065:

Poor women! Men for the most part are impotent … There’s your pleasure …


Maybe it can be a lesson for others who are not very bright and have got more sadistic tendencies.


Well of course the girl came up with the idea to stick a bottle up herself – and the man’s to blame too! That’s the real “operational work” of our law enforcement!!!


They didn’t have enough money for a vibrator. They lived in crowded conditions. They heard somewhere that they needed to diversify their sex life (the little man clearly was weak from too much beer) and this is the result. And the girl clearly was drunk as a skunk.


The grandma’s gonna be upset! Now her life’s going to be boring and monotonous. No-one to spy on!


But why is the young man here? Maybe she inserted the bottle herself.


Officers from Kazan’s Dalniy Police Station are smoking nervously on the sidelines(((

[Note: a reference to a case earlier this year, where a man died in police custody in Kazan after being raped with a bottle by police officers.]


I wonder – was the beer bottle a half litre, litre, one and a half litres or two litres!? )))

Fokin: (responding to above)

Or maybe it wasn’t even a bottle, but a can of beer…


Dear citizens! The anus is no place for bottles. It should only be used for its intended purpose. The same as other parts of the body.

Джокер: (responding to above)

And what is the intended purpose of the anus???

Александр Штам:

What is to be done, love requires sacrifice. Unfortunately!!! Of course it’s a shame that this has happened.


Such depraved scum – that’s the road to hell there


“Russia without Christ – it’s chaos and universal coupling”, Fyodor Dostoevsky

Пётр: (responding to above)

There is chaos, but universal coupling is nowhere to be seen. He lied, your Dostoevskiy.


The man’s an idiot. He couldn’t satisfy his woman. Why did she hang on to him?

Дед мазай.:

Yeah, in my day we fucked where you should fuck, and kissed where you should kiss. But now, they fuck where you’re supposed to kiss and kiss where you’re supposed to fuck. Of course the birth rate is falling and mortality rates are high.

What do you think? Did she get what she deserved? Or was it just an unfortunate accident?

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