Woman Murdered And Butchered By Sushi Chef Colleague

From Life News Online:

Two chefs near Moscow killed and butchered their colleague

The 41-year-old woman who worked at the SPAR shop in the Electrostal suburb of Moscow was killed and butchered by two of her fellow chefs.

The murder has shocked the small town in the East of the Moscow Oblast because of its cynicism and cruelty. The missing SPAR supermarket worker Anna Vinogradova was found in the flat of an acquaintance with her stomach torn open and her legs cut off.

Suspicion for the crime has fallen on a sushi-preparation specialist, 41-year-old Andrey Em, who worked with the murder victim.

The police have discovered that on the evening of Friday 5th October, Andrey Em invited Irina Vinogradova to his friend, Igor Gerasimov’s, who also worked in the supermarket as a traditional food chef.

[Note: the source seems to be unclear on the woman’s first name, initially referring to Anna Vinogradova, then Irina, and then Anna again later on.]

“The woman agreed to the visit”, Life News was told by a source in the police. “She even told her friends in the shop exactly who she was going to visit.”

Anna did not return home from Igor Gerasimov’s. The next morning, her 15-year-old daughter wrote a statement to the police about her mother’s disappearance.

However, the victim’s colleagues have a different version of the events of the Friday night into Saturday morning: that the daughter received an SMS from her mother, where she wrote that she was being killed, and begged her to call the police. According to the SPAR employee, Vinogradova’s daughter called the duty police, but they only told her not to worry about her mother.

It is possible the fact that the woman led a less-than-exemplary life played a role in the reason for this [advice from the police].

However, according to a neighbour of Igor Gerasimov’s, investigators came to the apartment in which these terrible events took place that weekend, but nobody opened the door to them.

Anna’s neighbours are not at all surprised by such an outcome of events.

“Anna often drank, spoke rudely to her daughter, kicked her out of the house”, a neighbour of Vinogradova’s told our Life News correspondent. “But her daughter is a very good girl, clever, caring.”

The mystery of Anna Vinogradova’s disappearance was uncovered by Igor Gerasimov’s mother, when she came to his apartment on Monday morning. Her son was not home, but the corpse of the woman was lying in the room split in two.

“Vinogradova’s right leg had been cut off by the murderer, and very professionally so”, continued our source in the police. “The second, he had only started to cut off. For some reason, he also cut open the victim’s stomach.”

Shocked by what she saw, [Gerasimov’s] mother ran to a neighbour, and she called the police and reported the terrible discovery.

Detectives quickly worked out the location of the chefs who had been spending time with Anna Vinogradova. After a discussion with them, the police established that the initiative for the murder lay with the sushi chef Andrey Em. The role of Igor Gerasimov in the case has yet to be discovered.

“In regards to Andrey Em, a criminal case will be brought against him under article 105 of the Russian Federation’s criminal code, ‘Murder'”, the head of the press service of the main investigation department of the investigative committee of Russia for the Moscow region, Irina Gumennaya told Life News. “Fact-finding is under way to establish the facts of the matter. The investigation is ongoing.”

Comments from Life News Online:


They need to look for the second leg in the canteen. Buy ready meals ))


Yeah, chefs are rough people, particularly sushi chefs! I don’t like sushi, all the more so now! Reminds me of Down House!!!

[Note: Down House is a Russian gruesome comedy film]


Interesting, in response to a road accident, they practically want the driver to be shot, but in response to what this sushi chef did for fun, what should we do? Maybe put him in a cage that you can access freely, like at the zoo.


Sushi is bad!


The most important thing is that you don’t drink and drive. You can kill someone with a knife, an axe, a brick and all the rest.


Maybe they were looking to make ready-meals from human flesh and sell them somewhere on the street!


Let them butcher people, as long as they don’t dance in churches.

[Note: this is a reference to the Pussy Riot events from earlier this year, in which three women were arrested for performing a “Punk Prayer” in a cathedral in Moscow]

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@drunken_bee: Fucking shit! Korean cinema and the Sopranos are giving it a rest )) […]

@boneleg: Go and eat sushi now then :( […]

@vadimgedz: Well, at least they didn’t eat her. […]

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