Anti-Prostitute Action Shames 30 Moscow Men

From YouTube:

30 men drove up to one girl



A girl

A bus stop

What do we think about a girl like this?


[Note: this link does not work when Romanised. Please follow this link to get to the website.]

– Are you working?

– No! What makes you think I’m a prostitute?

– How much?

– How much for a blowjob?

– What makes you think I’m a prostitute?

– How are you feeling?

– How much?

– What makes you think I’m a prostitute?

– What are you standing around for?

– I’m just standing.

– What would you say about working?

– What would I say about working?

– Thank you for taking part in our fight against prostitution

– Hi.

– What costs what?

– No, what do you think, that I’m a prostitute?

– What makes you think that?

– Thank you for taking part in our fight against prostitution

– How much?

– Well what are you interested in?

– How much for the night?

– What makes you think I’m a prostitute?

– Thank you for taking part in our fight against prostitution

– Hi.

– Are you working alone?

– What do you mean?

– What do you think, that I’m working as a prostitute?

– Thank you for taking part in our fight against prostitution

– How much for this beauty today?

– No, what makes you think I’m a prostitute?

– You’re pretty!

Almost all of the men who approached the woman were photographed, and their photos have been put on [our website].
Girls! If you are encounter a similar situation, photograph the offender and send it to our site!
Yours @ PrOstitute

With this video we decided to show how the majority of men treat a single girl at the roadside. If you are not a girl, you can’t understand this. But when people see you as a prostitute, you feel not only spat on – almost raped… but the main thing is you can’t do anything in response. Now you can! We came up with an easy way out.

Comments from YouTube:


Provacateuse. She’ll get undressed next.


Stupid action.

Андрей Уланов:

And then, free blowjobs all around :D


I understood the girls position in the gender wars is this: “today’s men are all animals and we should treat them like things” and men’s position is: “today’s girls are animals and will do anything for money”. I think there’ll be a men’s video reply soon.


F*ck, who thought this up??? Why??? If you go out in on the road in shorts, don’t be surprised if people take you for a slut. These stupid stars don’t have anything else to say… Go and cook borscht, idiots!!!


Girls, this is what I’m wondering: how do you expect people to treat you when you dress like that?


A girl with principles? =)) We’ve seen their sort. Very often, i 90% of cases, their principles can be broken by a fat pack of green paper. What I wanted to say on the whole is… virgin-girl, don’t make yourself into hypocrites, all decent men know that you’re mostly all whores from birth.


Thanks for taking part in this action, your discount is 30%


– What makes you think I’m a prostitute?
– Well, yeah. You’re a common slut.


fucking thing >(


Nah, well what else can you think about a girl in a short skirt standing at the roadside at night?! Or are you expecting to pick up a cultured girl to discuss classical music, or talk about high art? There’s bugger all else to do there unless you want to get on the video!


I don’t understand who wants to fight against prositution, Legalise it, lots of people support it.


Where did they get the idea that you’re a prostitute? Well have you seen yourself in the mirror? You’re dressed like a seasoned slut!


She’s not a prostitute, she’s a TP.


Stupid approach to the problem. What else would you think about a girl dressed that way, in that place at that time? You could put her in a police uniform and complain that she’s taken for a policewoman.

What do you think? Good idea, or stupid way to do it?

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