“Real Life Barbie” Accused of Photoshopping


Valeria Lukyanova is a Ukrainian girl who looks like a Barbie doll. She insists that her looks are entirely unaltered either digitally or through plastic surgery. However, after posting a video recently in which she complains that her thin neck is not strong enough to support her large head, netizens are convinced that she uses Photoshop.

From YouTube:

[Note: The title of the translated video is “About My Neck”, however this is not a translation of the original Russian title of the video, which would be “With a very important question )))“.]

A picture of Valeria for comparison:

Comments from YouTube:


Fuck, she’s stupid.
Who is she anyway?

Алёна Петрова:

Lera [Note: short for Valeria]! Where has all of this anger and arrogance in your voice come from? You preach about goodness, light, warmth, and tolerance and forgiveness


What’s the problem with your neck?


A neck problem. You yourself are a pain in the neck. Because of the plastering on your face, I can’t tell whether I should speak to you like a child or not. When will all of this showing off finish? Author, please, be a good girl, reply to this commentary. I’ll accept any answer.

Правдоруб Безфамильный:

I don’t understand, if her head is that big, or if her neck is that thin, why is her neck as wide as her head?

сэм бэнсен:

What a TP! How can you be so stupid at 27!? She’s got no brains, so what else is a TP to do? Just shoot little videos, take photos, and photoshop it, and then blatently lie that it isn’t photoshopped, and even make yourself some kind of spiritual thing, just where are her relatives looking, she needs to go to a psychiatrist, she’s completely mad.


Ahh piss off about this neck))) Carry on being pleasing to my eye ;)

Сергей Титов:

Who is this? And how did I end up here?




Бля забань меня на пожизненно чтобы я больше никогда сюда не попал , тупая пизда бля. Ебать как это видео оказалось в топе”>Fuck, ban me for life so that I never end up her, stupid cunt, fuck. Fuck, how did this video start trending?

Правдоруб Безфамильный:

27 years old, and such an idiot!

Written by Joe Innes

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  • lonetrey / Dan

    I can’t tell… Feels like the difference is rather small. Maybe it was just a bad angle the video was taken at, or perhaps the photo was also at a bad angle and made her neck look more than it was.

    In anycase, who cares? Let the woman do whatever makes her happy -_-

  • dim mak

    Stop giving the feminists fodder

  • Not sure why they’re all so pissed off at her…

  • MeCampbell30

    Don’t push this girl to get even more extreme. Jesus.

  • linette lee

    come on….those are not real. They look like two watermelons sticking out. And she is wearing contact lenses.