Snowfall Causes Chaos On Moscow Ring-Road

Moscow Ring Road at a standstill

Moscow has recently been undergoing some of the heaviest snowfall in 50 years, which has caused widespread disruption on the Moscow ring road. This video is from a driver who spent two minutes recording the huge tailbacks on the ring road, showing how serious the problems were.

From YouTube:

Crisis on the Moscow Ring Road at Night

Comments from YouTube:

александр бекетов:

UNEXPECTED SNOWFALL! As per usual, it wasn’t expected at the end of the year)


For some reason, I don’t feel sorry for the Muscovites. I wonder why…


Moscow, such is Moscow… a city beyond help(((


I love trains))


Moscow’s fucked, she can fuck off, it’s only fuck-ups who live there…

Eric Cartman: (responding to above)

Haha, they moved to live here from your little town!


Moscow is the arse of Russia

Кирилл Ололадзе: (responding to above)

Then what’s Petersburg?? )) I’m afraid to even make any suggestions)


Yeah well the ring road’s always at a standstill, the snowfall has only worsened the situation, but in no way is it the main reason.


Winter arrived unexpectedly… on the 1st of December.


It feels like this is the first time in our lives that snow’s fallen))) And the bureaucrats are fucking stunned that it’s the case.


It’s the government’s new method of getting us all onto public transport.

Андрюха Макаров:

Putin’s a fag!!!

MyZHENUA: (responding to above)

No, YOU’RE the fag, and Putin’s a decent guy

Written by Joe Innes

Editor of russiaSLAM, Joe Innes, loves all things Russian (well - most things!) and is currently living in St. Petersburg. Please feel free to get in touch by Twitter, Facebook, or by using the contact form on the "About" page.

  • 3ayo

    I love road trips in the snow. I always thought they were so relaxing, especially at night, when I lived in Colorado.

  • linette lee

    I love snow.

  • Paul M

    I read in the news today that there was a 120 mile traffic jam on the M10 with some cars being stuck for almost 3 days. They had to set up field kitchens for the motorists.

    Funny, I always thought the government workers in Russia were pretty good at dealing with the snow considering back in my home country we get half an inch of snow and everything shuts down. I remember people telling me to stay away from the ‘salt’ that the gritters sprayed out as it would corrode my shoes.

    • While that’s generally true, friends here reckon that most of those paid to actually do the work are just names on paper, and funds are being embezzled. How much it’s true and how much it’s just Russian cynicism, I’m not sure…

  • HaakonKL

    Russia is just like Norway!
    Snowfall? In winter?
    How could we have foreseen this?!
    ––The responsible motherfuckers, every single year.