Young Vigilantes Film Attack On Drug Dealer

A group of young people calling themselves the Young Anti-drugs Spetsnaz (MAS) performed a vigilante raid on a drug dealer yesterday. The video below shows the activists arrive at the kiosk out of which the drugs were being sold, hanging up a banner [pictured] saying “I am illegally killing your children”, detonating a smoke grenade to force the dealer out, confiscation of business cards, product, and a ledger, and then handing him over to the police. The activists, somehow, manage to keep the drugs and then destroy them, along with the rest of the drug dealer’s paraphernalia, in a bonfire at the end of the video.

From YouTube:

MAS activists smash up a place where spice is sold

MAS activists have destroyed a place that was selling drugs at Bagrationovskaya metro station [Note: in Moscow]. The seller has been arrested by the police. As a result, MAS got their hands on more than a hundred bags of spice worth approximately 100,000 roubles [£2,000, 2,500€]. The stuff we got made for a great bonfire. […]

[Note: “spice” is a generic term for synthetic cannabinoids, originally from a brand name. It is illegal in Russia, and most of Europe.]

Comments from YouTube:


They themselves are breathing it by standing around the fire! )))


So what, apparently none of them have ever tried spice or weed? Complete bullshit!


Do sweet FA, let people buy it, more of them will die, and there’ll be fewer fuckheads in the world.

Staw Berry: (responding to above)

Decent people will buy it, and they’ll become fuckheads. )


Fuck, I was there on a business trip, I picked up at Bagrationovskaya, and what should I do now? I’m going back to Moscow soon. There’s a casino round the corner too, by the way, you should go!


I wonder what freaks are giving this thumbs down!?


They did the right thing, if we all fought, then we would have a healthy nation.


Is it just me, or have they destroyed the evidence?

Владислав Александрович:

“The stuff we got made for a great bonfire.”



[Note: up until recently, it was illegal for a business to operate in Russia without a till for tax reasons. There are now exemptions for small businesses]

WaTerFeeel: (responding to above)

They’re taking the example of the Russian Orthodox Church, they’re pushing their opium of the people without tills…

Иван Яковлев:

Well bitches, you’d do better to burn spirits!!!


Putting The Prodigy over an anti-drugs video isn’t the best idea. )

Васек Солодовников:

HASH ISN’T A DRUG !!111!!11!1

What do you think? Good work on the part of the activists? Or none of their business?

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