Doll Expo in Russia Attracts Doll Lovers from All Over the World


The best dolls from around the world are brought to Moscow: a picture story.

On October 4 the International Salon of Dolls, which lasts 3 days, was opened in the Tishink area of Moscow. The exhibition features a variety of dolls – from teddy bears to porcelain babies, almost indistinguishable from living children.

The exhibits are not cheap: prices start at 20,000 [£390, 460€] roubles. However, collectors are not afraid of a much higher value of the “grown-up” toys. Today buying dolls proves to be quite a good investment as in the future such toys will only get more expensive. The works of artists from the 19th century sold at contemporary auctions can reach more than half a million euros. The manufacture of such a valuable commodity takes a lot of time and hard work. Doll creators are saying that the most valuable specimens are been snapped up almost immediately, but buyers are asked not to take the doll until the end of the exhibition, so that for three days Muscovites will have the chance to see all the best exhibits.

This year the exhibition will be a special one. The main point of the exhibition is not simply to show the best art and works of art of famous creators but to find solutions to basic human problems: strengthening goodness and beauty in at home. The exposition is devoted to this noble task. This is the aim of the Salon’s rich programme.

There will be an exposition dedicated to quatercentenary of the Romanov dynasty. The dolls of Nicholas II’s children have been collected by members of the International Doll Makers Association. The imperial family had a huge collection: dolls in national costumes of the Russian Empire and other countries. The history of the imperial family at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries has attracted particular attention from historians, journalists and writers. It turns out that artists are are passionate about this period of history.

The charity program “Star Dolls Parade for Children” will also take place at the exposition. This project brings together politicians, sportsmen, showbiz stars and ordinary people. Each year it gives hope for a new life without pain for many seriously ill children. “Parade Star Dolls for Children” will be held at the exhibition this year.

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And the one third from the bottom is he a doll or a real kid?

Глеб Чирков: (responding to above)

It’s a doll, but it’s coming to get you tonight D:

марина-2623: (responding to above)

Reborn dolls! [a vinyl doll that resembles a human baby with as much realism as possible] Lovely… they’re the same weight as a baby.

Харе Кришна 2.0:

Mummified Grandpa Lenin is indistinguishable from the living too …

[Note: Lenin‘s embalmed body has been lying in a mausoleum in Moscow since 1924]


Some of these dolls are dressed and posing like whores. Where is Mizulina when you need her?!?!

[Note: Mizulina is a politician famous for her conservative views on abortion, LGBT rights, divorce and sex education.]


Interesting dolls!!


The closer to reality they look, the more terrifying they are.


Great pictures! There are so many different types of dolls there: beautiful, luxurious, souvenir and funny dolls… If you were to give them to anybody they’d remember you for a long time. Generally, it is eternal and beautiful art!


Cute couple in the last photo, though a few of their thoughts don’t match.

Данила Бродский:

Jagger and the Beatles look great)

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