Photos of Stalingrad and Volgograd, 1942/3 – 2013

From Ya Plakal:

Stalingrad 1942/43 – Volgograd 2013

Via Sergey Larenkov’s LiveJournal.
In total, there are 65 photos on the blog (I categorically recommend you go and follow the link to see them all) but I tried to pick the most interesting from my point of view.
Here we go …

I’ve wanted to photograph Stalingrad against the background of Volgograd for a long time, but I was held back by the thought that I would hardly be able to find anything in the city that was completely destroyed in the war. Over time, as I’ve explored the city from afar, it has become clear that all is not lost. I was very lucky too, I met some people to whom the city and its history are very dear. I arrived in the hero city at the end of February, and I was able to find and photograph what you see below in three days.

For those who are not familiar with Sergey Larenkov’s work, I once again strongly advise you to visit his blog.

Comments from Ya Plakal:


Wonderful post!!! I’ll show my husband, he’ll love your work.


As soon as you posted this thread, I went straight to his blog, looked at all the photos … A titanic amount of work has been done, but it’s worth it! It’s our history, and our memory!
Eternal glory and rembrance for those who died for the motherland!
I would encourage local government to display some of this work in the city to remind everyone of those terrible years.


I looked at these with an open mouth! Thank you very much!


Exceptional work.


I suggest you follow the link, there are more photos.


Great work!!! RESPECT to the author!


There are obviously a few inaccuracies, but it’s informative on the whole.


Mesmerising … especially the cemetery and the department store …


Beautiful … One thing’s sad though – “in the fountain’s place is now a car park ..”


Very interesting, creative work.

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