The Life of A Siberian Hermit in Pictures


The daily life of a Siberian hermit

Sometimes it seems that the days of the hermit are long gone, as modern man is absorbed by civilization. Except when we’re talking about the Lykov family, who escaped to a forest during the Stalinist repression. That was in the days when the world was very different and man was not so much cut off from earth and nature.

Once upon a time, Victor, who refuses to give his last name, was working on a barge in the river port of Krasnoyarsk. But at age 47 he decided that the modern world, steeped in vanity and vice, was not for him. So he dropped everything and moved to a remote Siberian forest to seek solitude and harmony. Here, he settled in a small hut on the bank of the Yenisei River which has been his hermit home for the last ten years. He spends his days doing daily household chores, reading the Bible and contemplating nature. His diet consists mostly of fish, of which there is plenty in the Yenisei river, and berries and mushrooms that grow in the forest. He does not intend to return to civilization.

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But where did he get that cigarette? It’s not a rolled cigarette in the photo!

Семён-9380: (responding to above)

The same place he got the gasoline for his boat.

elmar-7659: (responding to above)

The same place Kadyrov gets it.


What a beautiful place. Thank God there’s no oil there.


How I envy him – I couldn’t do it.


Not a true hermit! Cigarettes, motorboat… It’s far too civilized. And he has a cool hat!

Niko Грибы: (responding to above)

It’s made of cats. It’s got fur on the inside.


Great hat!


If there were a bathroom, it’d be quite nice.

Nups 18:

Strange that it’s actually not very neat and tidy. I mean the logs for example are just all over the place.

тимур самодур: (responding to above)

I also thought that. In my opinion he is just very depressed.

Nups: (responding to above)

Maybe it’s just like the Wizard of Oz and his house was moved by a hurricane? It’s like there’s a granddad living in some little village, just this time it’s Siberia.


Fugitive convict!


Of course the fish bites! His mates probably come up for a fishing trip on the weekends.


A homeless man has found his refuge. If the whole day was spent messing around, I could live alone in nature too.

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