100,000 Affected by Flooding in Russia’s Far East

From Echo Moskvy:

100,000 people affected as a result of flooding in the far east

This was reported by Interfax, quoting the president’s envoy to the Far East Okrug Yuri Trutnev. He noted that before the cold arrives, all of them need to be guaranteed decent, heated accommodation. Trutnev asked those affected to come to him personally in order to distribute financial help. The peak of the flooding in Amur is expected on 15 September. The areas suffering high waters are the Amur Oblast, the Khabarovsk Krai, and the Jewish Autonomous Oblast. The total damages are estimated at billions of roubles.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


100,000? Sod them all! The main thing at the moment is to save our friend Assad!


This is a real chance for Navalny to break out onto the federal level. He needs to start raising funds for those affected and transfer what’s left over from the elections to the Far East. If there’s anything left after all the strip clubs.

polarsailor: (responding to above)

I beg you. Forget about Navalny, a true Chekist.


Why, is he already being sick?


They’ll embezzle all the finds for those affected. This guy […] Trutnev was recently the recordsman for the government’s income. Has he kept our leader’s traditions? A thief and a crook.

mamiluk: (responding to above)

Long-term issues like people’s grief is a good excuse for a criminal regime.


Nostradamus is turning in his grave…
Any surprise nature gives us causes the maximum damage here… As does the embezzlement when they’re trying to fix its consequences


They won’t embezzle it, Navalny won’t let them.


Not 99, not 101, exactly 100,000!


It’d be great if instead of flooding, the villages had had new asphalt roads built with all necessary utilities. If the budget can’t cover it, then people could pay the rest, or take out loans. Seeing how people live in the 21st century is just not very nice.

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