12-year-old Kid Steals 150,000 Roubles, Blows it all on Hookers

From Life News:

12-year-old boy steals 150,000 roubles [£3,250, 3,750€] and spends it on prostitutes

The boy ran away from home and organised an “adult” weekend for him and his friends with the scarlet ladies.

12-year-old Artyom Z, after running away from home, chose a lifestyle far removed from what one would expect of a child, despite his young age.

He left his hometown of Georgievsk, and headed to the nearby town of Pyatigorsk to get a taste of the delights of adult life.

To carry out his daring plan, the boy robbed a few shops and stole from passers-by.

“I got on the marshrutka, and headed to Pyatigorsk, I just wanted to have a bit of fun with some girls”, Artyom told Life News. “I needed money. I went to “Magnit”, and as the cashier chatted to a customer, I grabbed the pile of 5,000 rouble [£110, 125€] notes and ran out. They didn’t chase me.

Having decided that 40,000 [£875, 1,000€] wasn’t a big enough sum of money for our real gentleman, Artyom picked the pockets of passers-by. Adults didn’t expect that inside such a young adolescent, an experienced little thief was hiding.

“After I got enough money, I went back to Georgievsk, I could afford a taxi and drove around in style”, Artyom remembers. “In Georgievsk, I called my friends, told them that I had lots of money, and that we could have some fun. We called some girls, and went to the sauna with them”.

Then, the jolly little group booked a hotel room, and spent two days there. In total, the boy confirms that he spent nearly 150,000 roubles on the hedonistic excursion for himself and his friends.

Meanwhile, Artyom’s brother, who he lived with in Georgievsk, reported his disappearance to the police.

“Our employees saw the boy on the street, and took him back to the station because his brother was looking for him”, Vladislav Samoylenko, inspector from the municipal department of the Interior Ministry for juveniles told Life News. “The court has decided that Artyom needs to go to Gornozavodkaya special school.”

Life News has learned that the teenager’s mother gave up her parental responsibilities a few years ago. She lives in another town and rarely contacts her son.

According to the court decision, Artyom must spend three years studying at a special school to put him on the right path. At the moment, he is in a juvenile detention centre.

“It’s almost a last resort, a preventative measure”, Lidiya Delyatitskaya, executive secretary of the Young Offenders commission. “But it’s unavoidable when we have to correct a child’s behavior after they’ve been living in an unacceptable way.”

Comments from Life News:


Nothing wrong with how he was chilling out. But apparently they’re not going to arrest the prostitutes for corrupting minors. Or is it just men we arrest under these laws?


Do these lads have developed little fellows?


He needs to be sent to the compost heap straight away, because this little sod will definitely not grow into a decent person. He’ll be a bog-standard recidivist, in prisons and in chains, and in the end he’ll drink himself to death. So it’s better to put him in the ground straight away.


It’s bad that he stole, but our whole country is being stolen from. That he went to see hookers at the age of 12 is education. When he’s 20 he’ll turn into a decent guy. Lots of kids his age want a bit of action! It would have been better for him to start sports, obviously, but that depends on his parents. I’d have sent him to a sports school rather than a special school, it won’t help him at all!


How to get girls to take their hijabs off is a problem across the whole of Russia. But blowing money on hookers, that’s our Russian culture. Let the lad have some fun


Why don’t I have friends like this!)


This is the generation brought up watching (Mad)House-2((

[Note: House-2 is a popular Russian reality TV show known for its explicit and sexually charged content]


They’ve sent a 12-year-old to prison for three years. But in the army, and construction for the Olympics, they’re stealing billions, and no-one’s doing anything, and there’s no-one to stand up for a homeless boy.


I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, disgust, on the other, admiration.


Nice one, he did nothing wrong … now lots of adults are going to be jealous of him


Artyom! Mate! Next time, take me with you!


You can already tell what his future will be like, he needs to never be released, otherwise he’ll grow into a paedophile and a rapist if he’s already got these needs at 12.


Well, what can I say??!!! STUD!!!
It’s a shame that kids become adults so early …


No f-ing way kid!!!


Accelerated development under United Russia‘s welfare policy.


Understand him, forgive him, and let him go!!!
There’s nothing kids won’t do!

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