5 Unarmed Drunks Overpower 2 Policemen and 37 Soldiers

From Lenta.ru:

The Wild Far East

Drunk criminals beat police officers and took helmets from soldiers

While in Moscow they were catching Maga the watermelon salesman who broke a police officer’s skull, reports about guardians of order being beaten came from the other end of the country – from the Far East. Five drunk recidivists attacked police employees in a long-distance train, beat them, and took their weapons. The wagon in which all of this occurred was almost completely occupied with servicemen, but not only did they not disrupt the criminals, they themselves were relieved of their bulletproof vests and helmets.

In connection with what happened, the Far East transport police have presented to the community the ratings of the Federal District’s most criminogenic trains. Train number 351/352 that goes from Vladivostok to Sovetskaya Gavan (Khabarovsk Krai) and back again came in first place. It was on that exact train that on the evening of June 28, there was a conflict with five previously convicted passengers and bystanders which developed rapidly and only avoided deaths by sheer luck.

All of those involved in the beating are residents of Khabarovsk Krai, all repeated convicts – from three to five convictions per person, all around the same age: their years of birth range from 1983 through 1989. The oldest, thirty-year-old Mikhail Zemskov, turned out to be hardly the wisest, and they’re calling him the instigator of the outrage that consequently led to a shooting and the taking of a hostage.

Everything started at from their meeting – at first two of the young men were traveling separately from the three others – and from their spirits consumption. This was happening in the general car, and, when soldiers were picked up at a short stop at the Bikin station, the uninhibited participants of the feast couldn’t just ignore them. There was a quarrel in which violence was used and police entered the car. By a few accounts, they heard the noise from the platform while the train was at the station; by others, the soldiers’ commanding officers called them in.

Two employees of the patrol duty service attempted to calm the drunk criminals down, but they didn’t succeed. They fiercely beat the police, not even giving them time to grab their service weapons. Moreover, they took a pistol from one of the policemen and then the victims were dragged out to the door of the car and [the criminals] attempted to throw them out of the moving train. “One employee managed to grab hold of the the car’s handrail,” reports KP from Vasiliy Volkov, head of the Far East transport police’s statement. “That’s how he hang, clinging on to dear life with one hand, with the second he held onto his coworker by his belt – that one was already unconscious from trauma received.”

Zemskov, judging by everything, was finally overcome by bloodlust and he shot at the police from the pistol he had taken. Another member of the group, Alexander Bykov, born 1985, came to his help. They’re calling him the most experienced of the criminals: he has more convictions than the others, he allegedly attempted to calm down his comrades and consequentially broke off from the group. The police were left alive, however the recidivists didn’t wish to stop at that. They took parts of their victims’ uniforms and robbed a few civilians traveling in the same wagon, in particular, by the MOI’s account, a certain deaf and mute passenger. Then the servicemen got involved.

The soldiers from their side avoided all possible escalation of the conflict. According to Volkov, in total there were 37 privates and four armed officers of the mechanised infantry headed out on exercises. The Eastern military district, though, people are saying that there were twenty soldiers from the last draft in the car, whom the officers were taking to serve. Aside from that, according to the soldiers, the beating of the police occurred near the door, out of sight of the passengers in the car.

When the criminals returned from the doorway and started threatening the servicemen with the pistol they had taken from a police officer, they did not resist. Unlike the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in which such passivity of people in uniform caused indignation, the military command approved the officers’ decision – it allowed the soldiers to protect their health and their lives. They really did manage to avoid bloodshed, although the soldiers had part of their equipment taken away. However, the radio station RSN reported that some of the passengers – some military, some civilian – attempted to defend the police officers anyway, but were scared off by shots.

The train at this time had stopped at the small station Grushevoe in the Dalnerechensk neighborhood of Primorya, and the conspirators decided to start running. The aforementioned Bykov, the most sober, assessed the situation and preferred to stay in the train. It’s not out of the question, though, that he was actually the drunkest in the group and the least mobile, and thought up the whole story of his good intentions later on.

The four left “in service” – Zemskov, Denis Denisenko, Anton Devyataev, and Ilya Rudoy – set off to the local village in search of means of transport. In the first instance, they ended up in a house in which there were no adults – only a 15-year-old girl and two of her younger sisters. The younger children hid, the older, taken hostage, was forced to point out one of the local car owners.

So the criminals ended up in the home of local resident Sergei Kaznirchuk. Zemskov and Rudoy came up to him and, threatening him with a pistol, started demanding the keys to his car. Their accomplices either waited with the hostage outside or remained at her house. Kaznirchuk wasn’t taken aback and rebuffed the conspirators. He broke a stool over Rudoy’s head and threw himself at the armed Zemskov with a knife.

Zemskov fired and hit the owner of the house in his foot, but he himself received knife wounds in the stomach.Then Kaznirchuk’s adult sons came to his help, but both robbers, it would appear, were no longer any danger: consequentially both of them set off to the ICU. At this timely moment, the police arrived, and Denisenko and Devyatov preferred to give in without a battle.

The exceptional story of the consequences of this bender, compared by journalists to the plot of a Western, did not last for long at all – around an hour and a half: train 352 stops in Bikin at 10:52 p.m. and in Grushevoe at 1:19 a.m. At the moment the three participants of the “action movie” are under arrest, two are still in the hospital, as is Kaznirchuk who is being treated for a bullet wound.

Until now, Zemskov and his crews actions had been limited to banal robberies, thefts, and carjackings, but now new horizons have opened for them. While they are accused under Part 2 Article 318 of the Criminal Code (The use of violence endangering life or health against a representative of authority), they risk a term of three to ten years imprisonment. It’s interesting that Zemskov was previously charged under the same Article 318 and was subject to travel restrictions [pending a court appearance], which means this is not his first time attacking the police.

The matter, most likely, will not be limited to one article: in the words of Volkov, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Far East, the criminals can be indicted of up to eight crimes, including robbery and taking hostages.

Comments from Lenta.ru:

Dmitry Lyubeznov:

Who’s to blame: Putin or Navalny?

Sergei Sorokin: (responding to above)

You have 3 guesses!

Volchara Zloi: (responding to above)

Maybe, it’s better to live according to the law? By “understandings” is how people are living right now.

[Note: “understandings” is a word used in Russian to describe all manner of things that are not above board – bribes, you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours arrangements, etc.]

Volchara Zloi: (responding to above)

No, the villager was just defending his own, defending himself, and this is a very strong motivator. I don’t think that anything will happen to the villager for his actions, as here everything is too obvious, plus, the story has hit the press, so nobody will be baying for his blood. Our laws aren’t ideal, far from it, but our “understanding” is even worse. If it’s already gone that far, then these gopniks haven’t broken one of the “understandings” of the criminal world.

Andrei Mikhailov: (responding to above)

Legally, half the country could end up rotting in camps. Putin’s wise and understands this. Therefore our law is selective.

Volchara Zloi: (responding to above)

The law isn’t perfect and much of it is passed with the goal of “turning the screws”, but the most basic like not to kill, not to steal, not to rob, etc. are still there and are clearly not made for repression.

nikolai andreev: (responding to above)

Here people live by the law – the law of parasites resulting from their “understandings”. And in order to impose these laws we need zombified liberal hamsters. “We want it to be like in America” – of course – over there’s the biggest gulag and quantity of those exempt from the law. But hamsters live in their imaginary environment – floggings (or the release of a murderer) are the right thing to do if they’re “by the law”. What else do you expect from the descendants of slaves (who became that way, by the way, exclusively by the law). If laws protect such parasites – it’s better to do things by “understandings”. The understandings of honest and normal people. The most decent person turned out to be the villager. He fought back (I’m imagining how much of his blood “law defenders” will drink). It’s clear that they haven’t brainwashed him yet.

Volchara Zloi: (responding to above)

Where does the law defend such parasites? Now these gopniks will get it, hardly anyone will defend them. You’re confusing something.

Viktor Onikin: (responding to above)

Yeah the villager should be presented with an award, but the soldiers and police, well, I don’t even know, in a quantity of over 30 people not to work over 5 fuckheads, they’re not warriors, but shitty chocolate teapots.

Volchara Zloi: (responding to above):

These soldiers are “shitty chocolate teapots”, as you expressed, because they are stupid cannon fodder. What do we we want from guys 18 years of age who couldn’t have ever seen morons like this in their life before. Obviously, if a detachment of hardened Spetsnaz was traveling and they took something from them, then, yeah, it’d be funny, but like this… Well, a man doesn’t become a warrior if he’s taken up against his will, covered in camouflage, and is given the label “soldier”. He’s the same as the other passengers as a matter of fact.

shmutz shmutz:

In America they’d give these monsters 4 life sentences if armed citizens or the polizei hadn’t already shot them. But here, they’ve got 8 years looming.

anon: (responding to above)

And if some passenger smashed one of these gopniks in self-defense, then he could’ve gone to jail like that girl on the metro (Lokotkova [sic; the girl’s name was in fact Lotkova]). That’s the kind of law we have.

anon: (responding to above)

Aha…selective…Punish the innocent, award the idle.

Volchara Zloi: (responding to above)

It’s not worth comparing it with the girl in the metro, in that situation there were a lot of misunderstandings. Here everything’s obvious, no one would give a passenger a sentence.

Valentin Vladimirov: (responding to above)

Someone has to suffer first for these gopniks to get a full sentence. When will there be an adequate law on self-defense?

Volchara Zloi: (responding to above)

I completely agree with you. It’s true, there’s the opinion that our current law on self-defense is adequate, but then the judicial practice in this regard is criminal. As if it wasn’t there, I, honestly, don’t understand either why people are forbidden from defending themselves, taking into account the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ utter incompetence in this matter.

iprit01 afrika: (responding to above)

30 adult men couldn’t come to the help of two police officers and fight off the drunken rednecks. One unarmed man from the Caucasus for the sake of an innocent relative charged down crowd of cops and smashed the cops with his skull.

Sergei Irkhuzhin: (responding to above)

Who has the power? Putin. Accordingly, he’s to blame. Society’s also to blame.

Alexander Makedonsky: (responding to above)

This society elected Putin. These are soldiers who will shoot at civilians if ordered to, but they don’t independently understand and fulfill their civic duty. These are police officers who for the sake of an apartment will steal from everybody, but here chickened out. You’ll see, they’ll give Kaznirchuk a real sentence because he took his own initiative, because he considered himself a citizen!

Alex Viking: (responding to above)

If society had elected Putin, then you could bring claims to him. Only Churov, the greatest magician and sorcerer, elected the alpha-crane. So take your claims to him. [Note: Churov is considered by many to have used unorthodox and perhaps illegal methods to ensure Putin came to power.]

Anatoly Sokolov: (responding to above)

They pissed in our elevator again, in your opinion is Pu to blame or the parents of the pisser?))) There are such individuals who’ll blame the president for not being able to cover their wife… )))

Inna Linder: (responding to above)

The people are the same as 30 years ago when they didn’t piss in entrances.

Daria Smirnova: (responding to above)

I pay my taxes so that other people take care of law and order and cleanliness in entrances, other people pay taxes so that I take care of my business. This is a normal distribution of responsibilities, introduced like that since ancient times. A philosopher doesn’t build pyramids, builders don’t philosophize a pyramid.

Evgeny Grin: (responding to above)

A philosopher doesn’t build pyramids, but he can absolutely give a good spanking to the pisser in the elevator.

Daria Smirnova: (responding to above)

This doesn’t solve the problem, a long-term tying in of culture with federal forces fixes the problem, plus beautiful marble entrances, janitors in coats, and stylish, free public toilets in all cities and everywhere.

Vitaly Bukonin: (responding to above)

They think up laws for people like this, so there’s legal responsibility even if [the pisser] doesn’t want to take it, like if you see a moral monster taking a crap in a public place, then you should tell the police, and not walk through holding your nose, and if you walk past pay a fine, please.

Slava Zuykov: (responding to above)

I agree with you, it needs to begin from yourself. But, in general, the whole system’s to blame because a police officer or a doctor has to fill in 100 pieces of paper before bringing about order or treating anyone. It takes so long, that society is degrades. Everyone should try in their own place

Denis Fed:

Putin’s stability is to blame …

Dmitry Kalabin:

Don’t rock the boat!

Alexei Doberman:

Blin, the police need to be given more rights to use weapons. Attack – you get a bullet. And then they’ll be completely frightened.

Ignat Varlamov: (responding to above)

You read the service instruction on the use of weapons and the accounting for ammunition. There’s a lot required there =(

Ivan: (responding to above)

Shooting in the car’s a great plan. I think it would’ve been better to attack him with artillery without any warning.

Igor Borisov: (responding to above)

How would you yourself have acted in this situation? Five drunk thugs with weapons. A hundred percent – you would’ve tied up everyone with one left hand, am I judging correctly?

Vitaly Bukonin: (responding to above)

He’d take bullets to the chest, and then tie up everyone, he’s Superman

Kulmer Serkon: (responding to above)

The wheat needs to be separated from the chaff: a man allowing his service weapon to be taken by a criminal while on duty doesn’t have the right to wear a uniform. On the other hand: A man about to shoot in a car full of live people is totally stoned. This can only be done by the special forces during a raid, and then only by special order.

Sergei Khramtsov: (responding to above)

A local resident disarmed them with the help of a stool and a knife.

Vitaly Bukonkin: (responding to above)

I wonder, are there often stools and knives in our train doorways?

Vlad Koschika:

There were (if you believe what’s written) four officers and they were armed. So they were actually scared, although they could’ve taken care of the situation even without the participation of the soldiers. The question is how can someone believe in them [the police] if they can’t defend themselves?

Oleg Ivanovsky:

Damn, 1 strong dude managed where a police outfit and an entire car of soldiers passed. As I understand this guy must be Rambo.

Evgeny Pyastolov:

6 armed, trained people on duty – 2 police officers and 4 officers – against 5 unarmed criminals


So, I didn’t understand, why did the recidivists turn out not to be Dagestanis? Disorder. Or is the main thing here that they’re beating police?

Volchara Zloi: (responding to above)

Where are Dagestanis from in the Far East? There aren’t many of them there, if there are any at all. What’s to catch there when Moscow’s right nearby?

Alexey Grinev:

One unarmed civilian did what two armed cops and four armed army officers couldn’t…. We live in a strange country, however…

Maxim Alexandrovich Zagornov:

Imagine the situation. In Israel five fucked up Palestinians climbed into a train and for an hour and a half threatened 37 Israeli soldiers….

Bogdan Shaguta:

Strange justice in modern Russia – 5 bandits with a heap of convictions, each for 20-25 years and already free. In the USSR twenty would’ve been given for robbery and such a situation would simply wouldn’t arise.

Apologet Insane:

They’ll put away the villager who was defending himself? And send the hostage to a children’s colony. And the recidivists aren’t to blame, it seems. And award the officers for protecting the innocence of soldiers for Caucasian grandpas.

Abunya Key:

Dagestani roots, probably

Ivan Ivanov:

Everybody wanted a polite and affectionate police force, like in Europe, rejoice, the reform resulted in success, (the only thing that worked under Medvedev), and you got what you wanted

Inna Linder: (responding to above)

Somehow I doubt that the German police can have their weapons taken away like that

Volchara Zloi: (responding to above)

Are you kidding? Where are they polite and affectionate? Plus, I don’t know how it is in Europe, but in the US they would’ve killed these morons while they were still in the train as there isn’t such strictness regarding the police there if they draw weapons. You understand, politeness in regard to normal people, and rudeness (within the limits of a reasonable person) in regard to a criminal are not mutually exclusive things at all.


In the event of war these should be thrown over to the enemy.

Vladimir Leonov:

Following logic, a promotion awaits the police officers.

Vasim Valeev:

For the complete picture, we’re missing a pair of undressed FSB agents.

Konstantin Zhmykhov:

The police aren’t like that anymore…. fat bellied pissers

Vasily Avdeev:

there’s only one way out for them i.e. cops and soldiers – the cops should before their formation tear off their stripes and shoot themselves because they couldn’t defend even themselves, and the officers – simply shoot themselves because the example they gave the new recruits doesn’t give them the right to be called defenders of the Motherland.

Dmitry none:

This is what kind of police and army we have. Some had their weapons taken away, others their uniform. Ridiculous. Who the hell needs an army like that? They can’t defend themselves. Disgraceful… The soldiers or the police officers over there in any kind of US would put these to dog shit and everything would be over in 10 minutes.

Anton Aksentyuk:

Hangover in Kharabovsk

Demyanov Alexei:

Again a criminal with weapons and a normal man with a stool… When will these monsters permit adequate people a handgun? They have it themselves, criminals have it, normal people have jack shit…

Sergey Max:

Once, in the Wild West….

klim klimin:

Long live the russian army!!?? Five criminals can disarm a parachute division!!!

Vasily Pupkin:

Th-th-this train’s on fire-e-e-e…

Alexander Mik:

In the end a simple village resident defending his goods could fight him off. The man deserves respect, I wish him the quickest recovery.

alex novikov:

“They had three-five convictions” and the oldest was 30. How can this be? Were they given sentences of half a year or something?

Valentin Vladimirov:

Both the soldiers and the police have been turned into spineless puppies. Any self-defense is forbidden by law. Criminals have more rights while committing a crime than the victim during self-defense.

Nikita Pirogov-Vidergold:

How is that? One man with a knife dealt with 3 armed bandits, and two armed, on duty government representatives couldn’t deal with unarmed men? Accordingly: they simply didn’t fulfill their working duties, didn’t protect citizens, lost their weapons, and allowed crimes to take place. Of course, I’m happy for them that they were left alive, God Forbid [they hadn’t been], but right away there’s the question: why then do we need a police force that can’t even defend itself, let alone citizens, and in addition, they have weapons and authority? Good work by the officers of course, they protected the soldiers, but again there’s the question: what the hell kind of army is it? I always thought that the army defends the state and its citizens!

Mark Berger:

It’s a shame that the death penalty’s stopped. People like them need to be shot and not in the back of the head, but in the forehead!

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