77% of Russians Consider Themselves Happy

From Dni.ru:

77% of Russians consider themselves happy

Happiness is just round the corner

The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center has presented data about how many happy people there are in Russia, why Russians feel happy and unhappy, and whether there are more happy or unhappy people in Russia

According to this data, over two years the number of happy Russians has increased to 77%. 17% of people called themselves unhappy. Two years ago, the number of happy people was somewhat lower (67%), amongst whom the happiest were those living in the capital, young people, and well-educated people.

Those who feel happy attribute this mostly to their family’s well-being. Children and grandchildren are important “happiness factors”, as is a successful life. Sociologists also named a good job, good health (both of the respondent and their loved ones), and the absence of reasons to be sad as reasons for being happy. 20% of respondents are happy, but were unable to explain why.

In terms of reasons respondents were unhappy, the biggest factor is poverty. More rarely, this sadness was due to sickness and old age, a lack of good work and life problems. 52% of respondents were unable to explain the reasons for their unhappiness.

Relatively speaking, the majority of Russians feel that they are surrounded by mostly happy people. Significantly fewer people believe that the more unhappy people around. More than a third of respondents believe that they are surrounded by equal numbers of happy and unhappy people.

Comments from Dni.ru:

Света x:

Only an idiot can believe all of these centres. I remember that one manager was fired because he reported the wrong figures …

Анна Петровна:

In every part of my life, I try not to indulge in melancholia, it helps in the most difficult times. “Smile, gentlemen, smile!” And my daughter has learned not to complain. There’s so much that is interesting and exciting in life.

Илья Шарапов:

Nothing personal, this is just business – there was a Kremlin order to produce positive statistics; the task was completed, and doubters will be declared enemies of the people.

Александр ДаниловБоровичи:

They gave me 500,000 [roubles; £10,300, 12,260€]. I’m happy :)

Susan Hewitt:

No, life has become better. Fact.

Михаил Михайлов:

The main thing is that we’re happier.

Jo VooМиннеаполис:

Where’s this? How many potheads [responded]?

Cinanon Fender:

What a disgrace – let’s make everybody unhappy immediately !!!

Further comments from Lenta.ru:

Andrew P:

It’s crap that they’ve only named family and children. It’s on an animal level, where the main goal in life is to reproduce.

Vlad VVVV: (responding to above)

Well, not reproduction, but the act itself


Another bespoke survey with the aim of showing how Russians are living well. So where are the strikes by doctors and other workers, protest marches and large numbers of people living silently in poverty coming from then? All of this must be from too much happiness.



Дарья Блиничкина:

Oh, these “statistics” make me happy

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