American Ambassador Condemns Anti-Gay Law

From Echo Moskvy:

US Ambassador to the Russian Federation considers ban on promoting non-traditional sexual relationships against the spirit of democratic society

The US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul considers the ban on promoting non-traditional sexual relationships against the spirit of democratic society. “I am concerned about the legislative decision by @dumagovru (The State Duma). Discrimination and intolerance are against the spirit of democratic society”, the ambassador wrote on his microblog on Twitter.

On Tuesday, the State Duma passed on the second and third readings a bill on administrative responsibility for promoting non-traditional sexual relationships to children, including via the media, internet, and viral advertising, with maximum fines of up to one million roubles [£20,000, 23,000€].

Today, the State Duma are discussing introducing a ban on single-sex couples adopting Russian orphans. The legislative measures will be suggested today at an extended meeting of the State Duma committee for families, women, and children, and for international affairs.

Comments from Echo Moskvy:


Mr Ambassador, if in Hawaii, pineapples grow, that doesn’t mean that they would take root in Siberia. The same with democratic values.


In my opinion, it’s not the Americans who are invading Russia, it’s our citizens who are always trying to get to the USA and Europe more often!


What now, American diplomats aren’t allowed to have their own private security like in Beirut? It’s a shame, they can everywhere else, but not in Russia?


The US Ambassador to the Russian Federation can think whatever he likes. We don’t care what he “considers”. But if the ambassador opens the Bible, he’ll read that sodomy is a sin. And a society built on Christian values rejects sodomy. And if it doesn’t, that means it’s not Christian, it’s an evil society. That is, anti-Christian. It’s not just “the considerations of ambassadors”, its written in the scriptures. And everyone chooses their own path – which he believes in, the sermon on the mount, or “democratic values”.)))

izvpadini61: (responding to above)

If we do everything by the Bible, what do we need the Duma for? Let’s live by God’s law!

upravdom9999: (responding to above)

Go on then, who’s stopping you? You have a choice. You can live by other laws, just don’t complain afterwards that “life is bad”.)))


Well that means I have a different opinion, and I really don’t care.)))


I consider a programme of surveillance against internet users and mobile phone owners against the spirit of democratic society. Now what? The majority of Russians are against queers, so everything’s completely democratic.


To be honest, I don’t see any downsides for LGBTs in this law, only plusses. First, finally, the active part of the LGBT community will be able to leave. Second, in Russia, a significant portion of the population will come together that will hate the regime, and work towards a Western society. Homophobic laws are absolutely useless in a borderless world. However, I understand Putin‘s motivation, he has to have the image of an enemy, not just in terms of LGBT, Putin and his family have been Westernised long ago, he’s just trying to keep his criminal regime, live for his children, and he’s not worried that Russia will not develop, and will roll back into the dark ages.

sg174: (responding to above)

“the active part of the LGBT community will be able to leave”
Wow, what plusses. That means the passive part of the LGBT community will be left without affection and attention. You’re a sadist …


“Finally the active part of the LGBT community will be able to leave”
We’d just be happy if they took advantage of this opportunity.)

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