American Fighter Jets Intercept Russian Bombers Top-Gun Style

From Rambler News:

American fighter jets scrambled to intercept two Russian Tu-95s

The F-15 fighter planes of the US Air Force were scrambled from the “Andersen” base to intercept two Russian Tu-95s – strategic bombers, according to NBC News.

The television channel reported that the incident occurred during a Russian fly-over of Guam, but they did not specify the date of the incident.

According to NBC, the contact between the pilots took place on a “professional level”, without incident. They also report that the Russian bombers remained in international airspace at all times.

Observers have noted that it is impossible to determine whether or not the planes were carrying nuclear weapons.

Comments from :

Фрол Фомичёв:

“they did not specify the date” … it was in 1986)) completely understandable …

Заклад Окладович Накладный:

Glory to Russian aviation and the aircraft builders of the 50s! Hurray, comrades!

Ангел .:

I would have clarified.

australia forever:

Glory to Soviet aviation, which is still flying.

Сергей 777:

The modern Russian army, just like the giant cock of an impotent man, is pretty big, but completely ineffective.

white26 house:

This makes me believe in Russia’s future. Albeit the future looks a lot like the past.

Что Случилось:

From an anonymous source – the ASTEROID over Chelyabinsk was SHOT DOWN. Top secret weapons development in Russia has produced a railgun (the payload is an aluminium rod, weighing 333.3 grams). Communications networks broke down due to the powerful electromagnetic pulse from the gun. That’s why they won’t find anything. The asteroid was completely vapourised (hence the flash of light).

ха ха хд хд:

“the contact between the pilots took place on a ‘professional level'”)))


So, these interceptors were doing nothing on the 11 September, but here, look – what heroes! Blin.


Flying under the influence, probably thought that it was the Crimea.

Grigory Polyakov:

They need to be careful with these flights. We mustn’t play soldiers. We need to develop our relations. Guys, let’s all be friends – or don’t you wan’t to?

Давид Закордонный:

“The contact between the pilots took place on a ‘professional level'” – they flipped each other the bird.

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