Anti-Gay Laws Claim First Foreign Victims


Dutch Homosexuality Advocates Denied Entry to Russia

The Federal Immigration Service has banned entry to Russian territory for citizens of the Netherlands who have violated the statutory prohibition on propaganda of nontraditional relationships.

Arriving in Murmansk for the sake of “cultural connections,” (which was, in any case, dependent on receiving a visa) the human rights activists were there for something completely different, according to the Federal Migration Service, specifically to spread propaganda about nontraditional relationships in the presence of minors. Authorities considered that by shooting a film about the activities of the local LGBT community and interviewing minors, the activists violated the law banning homosexual propaganda.

As a result, “Interfax” reported, because of the legal violations by the Dutch citizens, they are banned from entering the Russian Federation for three years.

Comments from

Dopler RU:

A nation of fools

Bagimot(responding to above):

which of the two? :)


They did the right thing. With just cause.

Luchi Dobra (responding to above):

Yes! I hope Madonna is also now persona non grata in Russia

Ostap (responding to above):

We’re being outrageous?

Luchi Dobra (responding to above):

No. I seriously believe that. Did you hear what she said in Moscow?

Ostap (responding to above):

I really don’t care what she says.

Ostap (responding to above):

She’s a singer who made her career by shocking the masses. That absolutely does not mean that she is at all smarter than others. Pop culture and politics can only come together in one circus, we call it the State Duma.


What a loss for Dutch people.

Vladimir 3965:

What’s with the photo? A couple of girls are walking hand in hand, and so what?? Minors? Their pubes might be turning gray soon! :)

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