Army Officers Complain About 15 Year Old Film


Officers of Russia Attacked Trash Film “The Green Elephant”

Members of the group Union of Officers of Russia came out with a proposal to check the movie The Green Elephant by Svetlana Baskova for extremism.

As said in an address by the group’s members in the social network VKontakte, in the indicated film, actions inciting hatred and animosity can be seen, as well as people being degraded on the grounds of their belonging to the social group of “officers”, which could fall under the 282nd article of the Russian Criminal Code.

The words pronounced by actor Alexander Maslaev in The Green Elephant cause even greater outrage and indignation with the members of the group Union of Officers of Russia, “And it’s officers. Some kind of sh*t, f*gs, f*ck. The Motherland gave them stars – wear them! Wear the f*cking stars! I don’t want to, I want to scoff sh*t! What is this? Is this the army? Is this the army? B*tches, b*llshit, officers. They put on their stripes, they scoff sh*t – f*gs, wh*re, f*ckers,” – end of quote.

The group’s members propose considering the given message an open address to all relevant authorities of the country.

Members of the group Union of Officers of Russia also suggest that all citizens who are not indifferent support this statement, as well as all social, political, and religious organizations of Russia, it is noted in the message.

In addition, internet users have already left more than 200 comments under the address. The most popular of them are the following: “The movie is an artistic work, how can creativity be banned?”; “So it’s addressed not to all officers, but only to those who are in the film.”

The Green Elephant is a film in the trash genre filmed at the end of the ‘90’s. In the film taboo themes are touched upon, such as sadism, coprophilia, and homosexuality.

Comments from

Mikhail Feldman 2.0:

Don’t blame the mirror if your face is crooked…

Niko Griby Belik: (responding to above)

That’s right, Miysha, don’t look at yourself. No point disappointing yourself more than necessary.
Were you beaten that hard, anyway?


Are they slowpokes or sumthin? The film’s already been torn apart for its quotes. The Motherland gave them internets – use it! I don’t want to, I want to look for extremism in out-of-date copypasta


Аn uneasy conscience betrays itself

Shamsudinov Kirill:

The film’s 15 years old. They should still remember how they were f***d the first time.

Oklhoma Natan:

So what, everything’s correct, this is the true state of the rushin officer-beast, the film truthfully represents the status of things in the army.


Gotta watch it, these officers made a good advertisement for the movie.

Kto_zdes? Oo: (responding to above)

Oh don’t get too excited. A truly BS film.


There’s a movie Dead Man’s Bluff. The deputies ought to make an application for extremism in regards to a visit to a social group – Deputies. :)


Social groups, national groups, diasporas, working class, and elite – it’s time to make criminal codes OFFICIALLY, this is for the people, this is for the bourgeois, this is for the Caucasus, this is for the police and procurators etc. Then everything will rise up on its place as it really is. One punishment for the murder of a serf, another for the murder of a United Russia member. If officers are so appalled, they can establish order in the army and stop picking on soldiers and stealing property, then there won’t be movies like that. Or for them – after you’ve done the crime, go occupy a new post, steal more.

BSD Free:

Yeaaah, these “officers” were dithering for a while. This movie’s 200 years old.
And a request to the officers: instead of being chained to any kind of mediocre movie, make it so that the youth doesn’t fear the army like fire. You go to serve healthy, but you come back a cripple. And no one’s to blame, the officers first. White and fluffy.

Jon Mirasti:

Another witch hunt

Jon Mirasti: (responding to above)

The movie’s actually super funny )))


I suggest other “social groups” like money-grubbers and gangsters watch another of Svetka Baskova’s flicks, “Four bottles of vodka”


Trolls will be trolls

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