Attempts to Register Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster



Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” to be registered in Russia

In Moscow, the work of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has officially begun, according to the organisation’s own website.

“In accordance with the federal law ‘On freedom of belief and religious affiliation’, the Russian Pastafarian Church, on the pastafarian sabbath, Friday 12th July 2013, the local government of Moscow was informed of the creation of the official religious group, the RPC”, the message states. [Note: the acronym RPC is the same acronym as used by the largest religious group in Russia, the Russian Orthodox Church].

“After the establishment of a group of pastafarian lawyers, the necessary documents will be prepared for the Ministry of Justice to create a fully-fledged religious organisation, so that our beloved congregation can receive the same rights as traditional religions”, the “church” explains its future plans on their site.

Pastafarianism or “the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” is a parody on a religious organisation, created in 2005 in the state of Kansas as a sign of protest against the teaching of creationism in school as an alternative to evolutionary science. On the organisation’s official site, its creator, Bobby Henderson, proclaims his belief in a higher creator, looking like pasta and meatballs – the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) and calls for pastafarianism to be taught in schools alongside other religions, in order to demonstrate the absurdity of all religion.

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Maybe this is all a joke… )

Fedor Bubukin: (responding to above)

Shush! Don’t offend my religious feelings :)

Дмитрий Тюрькин:

Finally, evil pasta-eaters will answer for everything!

Fedor Ilyin:

We need to join.


Pasta and meatballs is the national food of Russian people! Not sushi, oysters, and pineapples. Long live the new party of Russian people!


What shall we call the patriarch? Spaghetti I?


I’ll join, where can I sign up?

Dmitriy Baranovskiy:

There’s still the colander as religious headgear.


I’ll tell my wife to cook pasta… or is lasagne better?


This is heresy. There is no god but the invisible pink unicorn, and I am his prophet.


I don’t understand why this religion is called a parody? Is it because they don’t ask people to kill one another like other religions?


Bon voyage!

colonelisaev: (responding to above)

… for our last journey! The apocalypse is nigh!


Great idea!


In the 21st century, this is more relevant than official religions.

What do you think? Great idea, or greatly offensive?

Written by Joe Innes

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  • Noir12

    It’s all fun and games until someone turns it into an untaxable business.

  • markus peg

    Never heard of the “Flying Spaghetti Monster” before but its a funny idea. I think it their are other ways it could be funny without creating a fake religion though…

    like the internet meme “long cat”

  • Marcus Muller

    Finally there is a positive story on Russiaslam. I’m tired of hearing about the damned orthodox church and its bigotry.

  • Paul M


    • lonetrey / Dan

      ahaha I just got it. :P

  • Mihel

    “I don’t understand why this religion is called a parody? Is it because they don’t ask people to kill one another like other religions?”

    …might be truer than it sounds.
    After all, killing people, a staple of many religions, makes things look more legit and official.

  • Vriend

    I find it quite repulsive that the presumably uneducated blame religion for “killing people”, whereas we all know that (without turning this into a number game) outspoken atheist regimes probably killed more people in the last century than religion did in the last millennium…


    Its just greate idea. But I’m sure that russian damn ortodox church will ban this some way.